This Textbook Romance Had Us Head Over Boots

A Cowboy to Remember
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I’ve been listening to a romance podcast recently called When In Romance. I started out listening in the name of research, but now I find myself waiting eagerly for the next episode.   

Rebekah Weatherspoon comes up often in the book industry’s discussions of favorite authors, and I decided to check her out. I’m a stickler for reading a series in order, so I started with A Cowboy to Remember, Book 1 in the “Cowboys of California” series.  

I know what you may be thinking; “egads, there’s a shirtless man on the cover” or “I’m not into the whole cowboy thing.”  

I hear you. I had similar thoughts but trust me when I say this romance is smart and sexy, in that order.   

Yvonne “Evie” Buchanan is a successful chef, host of the cooking show, The Dish. She falls down a flight of stairs at a holiday party and suffers a significant head injury that causes amnesia. She awakens, having no idea who she is or anyone else in her life.  

Evie has no living family, but she does have the Pleasant brothers with whom she grew up and who own a ranch in California. The ranch proves a nearly ideal place for Evie to heal, away from the prying eyes of her fans and producers. There is one hiccup named Zach Pleasant, the boy who broke Evie’s heart when they were younger.  

You know the rest because this is a romance, but I promise you’ll have fun watching A Cowboy to Remember unfold.

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