Resources Every New Writer Needs

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We’ve gathered some great writing resources on where to start and how to finish.

The world of writing is filled with ambiguity and can be difficult to navigate for new writers. Honestly, something tells me that even the greats have tricky times too. There were a few obstacles I kept running into when I first began writing professionally:

  1. Finding, maintaining, or regaining inspiration.
  2. Strengthening my writing skills.
  3. Writing consistently.
  4. Finding ways to receive trustworthy feedback.

A year and a half into my writing career, I have finally found tools to help me navigate those challenges! I can’t say yet if this profession gets any easier. But I can say that thanks to these resources (and a healthy dose of tears and chocolate), I have absolutely become a better writer! These resources help me find and reinvent my voice, time and time again. Every draft and rejection has tested my resilience and gifted me countless lessons.

The truth is, your work will not always be a smash hit with every reader. But as long as you continue honoring the truth, passion, and joy that first led you to pick up your pen, your audience will always find you. You felt compelled to become a writer because you know someone out there needs to read what you have to say. So, my friend, continue sharpening your skills and following the creative impulses. Success is sure to find you! 

For the moments in between the successes and lulls in inspiration, here are a few of my favorite go-to resources! 

Writing Resources for Inspiration:


The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
A Writer’s Guide to Persistence: How to Create a Lasting and Productive Writing Practice by Jordan Rosenfeld
Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon
The Steal Like an Artist Journal: A Notebook for Creative Kleptomaniacs by Austin Kleon
Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert


Online Poetry Catalog
5 Reasons to Keep Writing on little infinite

Writing Resources for Development:


Start Finishing: How to Go From Idea to Done by Charlie Gilkey
Ernest Hemingway on Writing, Edited by Larry W. Phillips


Purdue’s Online Writing Lab
Write Better Fiction by Writer’s Digest

Writing Resources for Practice:


Free Within Ourselves: Fiction Lessons for Black Authors by Jewell Parker Rhodes
I Should Be Writing: A Writer’s Workshop by Bee Murray
One Poem A Day Journal: A Writer’s Daily Journal of Words & Inspiration by Nadia Hayes
Q&A A Day: 5- Year Journal by Potter Gift


24 Best Writing Exercises to Become A Better Writer
Best Writing Exercises
A Week of Prompts to Refresh Your Poetry Muse on little infinite
365 Poetry Prompt Series on little infinite

Writing Resources for Review/Critique:


Medium is a non-fiction-centered platform built to share progress with fellow writers and new fans.


Wattpad is the fiction equivalent of Medium. It’s an ideal way to get feedback, create relationships with other creatives and get audiences excited about your work!