little infinite Reflections Poetry Contest Winners

little infinite Reflections Poetry Contest Winners

Hey li Squad! Thanks to everyone who entered and shared their heart in our reflections  poetry contest!

Theme: Reflect on the year through poetry. What personal growth did you experience? What hardships have you conquered? What accomplishments did you celebrate? Share your reflections of 2023 and win!

1st Place Winner – Jamie G.
A Step In Life

Sometimes as we set out for that certain voyage, something in life tries to destroy us.

Somehow we manage to survive it all through all the heartaches and pain we can recall.

Knowing deep inside, we can t always run and hide .

It s a chance we have to take, It s the decision we have to make .

Life isn t always what it seems, it s often just a field of dreams .

It means having the courage to go on. Having no fear of being alone.

Taking life day by day, making an effort in every way.

Taking the time to care for little things that will not always be there ..

Going through life as if it didn t matter. Not knowing that some day it may all shatter ..

Sometimes life doesn’t treat us right. In order to survive, its the harder we must fight ..

Some day we will see the light, there will no longer be the coldness of the night ..

For we will be at Heavens door. As life on earth, there shall be no more ..

2nd Place Winner – Elizabeth M.M.L. Ku. – @quickscores

Our daydreams manifested in clouds that hung over our heads.

They stretched across horizons and floated to unknown destinations.

We watched the wind push them along, never foreseeing the weather.

There were days where they rained, days where they poured.

Till our minds overflowed and our eyes flooded with tears.

Those days nearly drowned us and swept us away in the tides.

Though look at us, look at you, you held onto those dreams.

You tightened your grasp till sunlight peeked through the clouds.

Thunder boomed and lightning struck, but you stayed standing.

So you can watch the rainbow form after the dreadful storm.

But what awaits past the glimmering lights mixed with blue?

Is the unknown worth surviving all we have been through?

Let me tell you, there are stars waiting to see us shine.

There are moons for us to take small steps and giant leaps.

There are planets that are yet to be explored and so much more.

There are galaxies far, far away that long to be discovered.

The rest of our life is an endless cosmos of failure and success.

With our daydreams fueling the rockets to our futures.

We may shoot for the moon and land in the stars.

But at least we can say we made it somewhere far.

3rd Place Winner -C.M Dillard – @cmdillardpoetry

Through a year of ups and downs

Hardships that almost trapped me in their current and causing me to drown

I have found myself placed softly on the shore.

I am handed over into 2024

with a new found sense of being

A rush of calm energy embedded in my core

Knowing that believing is seeing

And I will make it through another year.