Poetry Ebooks to Read While Self-Isolating

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Poetry Ebooks to Read While Self-Isolating - little infinite - poetry for life

COVID-19 has a lot of us hunkered down at home… and there’s a silver lining!

LI Tribers who are responsibly choosing self-isolation and social distancing are finding a bright side to an otherwise uncertain time: now is a great time to curl up with a collection of poetry. Grab your TBR pile and your favorite cozy throw blanket. It’s time to spend unprecedented quality time explored the depths of pages in a way our unrelenting, fast-paced lives rarely allow us to anymore.

Editor’s note: Our first choice is always to make sure to check to see if your local bookstore is offering online orders or home delivery. Don’t be deterred if they’re not, though. You don’t need a hard copy to dive deep into your TBR pile. Check out libro.fm to support your local indie bookstores with audio recordings of your favorite titles, too!

Here’s what we’re reading while staying safe (and socially distant!) at home.

Petals of the Moon by C. Churchill

Petals of the Moon - C. Churchill

As many of us deal are dealing with a bit of isolation right now, this collection will help you feel like you aren’t alone. Using the transitioning moon to guide readers through the collection, the poems focus on darkness, anxiety, and loneliness. Like the collection says, no matter how lonely you feel, remember, we are in this together. 

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

The Sun and Her Flowers - Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur’s latest collection is all about love. Much like how a flower blooms, wilts, and rises again, love can grow and fade and grow again. Kaur did the illustrations in this collection as she did in her first. The combination of text and drawing pack an emotional punch. This is a perfect companion read to her first collection.

Break Your Glass Slippers by Amanda Lovelace

Break Your Glass Slippers - Amanda Lovelace

Just when you thought Amanda Lovelace was done with her fairytales, she decides to start a new series. Her latest work is the first in the new “You Are Your Own Fairy Tale” series. Break Your Glass Slippers is about seeing your own worth, even when others don’t. Just a bit of a Cinderella story.

2 am Thoughts by Makenzie Campbell

2am Thoughts - Makenzie Campbell

What would it look like if an entire relationship was condensed into one day? 2 am Thoughts is a poetry collection that plays with that idea. If two people were to meet at dusk, what would their relationship look like a 2 am? Each of Makenzie Campbell’s poems is time-stamped, so you always know where you are in the story. 

beyond rock bottom by Kara Petrovic

Beyond Rock Bottom - Kara Petrovic

Kara Petrovic suffers from bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD. So, she used her emotional journey of acceptance as an inspiration for her poetry. Spanning the course of three years, beyond rock bottom, captures her relationships with others and her changing relationship with herself. 

Whiskey, Words, & a Shovel I by r.h. Sin

Words, Whiskey, and a Shovel I - r.h. Sin

If there is one thing fans of r.h. Sin knows it is that he is completely enamored with his wife, Samantha King. She is his muse and their journey together is the inspiration for this collection. The most recent edition of this collection has been revamped by the poet to make his poems ring even more true to their source material. 

Vandalism with Cheese by Adam Smith

Vandalism with Cheese: Poetry - Adam Smith

Vandalism with Cheese is a poetry collection that is set to inspire the rebellious spirit. Adam Smith hopes that this collection will help readers confront the irrational and impossible things that take place in our world. These poems are strong statements and opinions hidden in verse.

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