Poetic Songs For Valentine’s Day Playlists

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Sure, there are cute cards, pretty bouquets and chocolates all designed for Valentine’s Day. Still, nothing says “I love you” quite like poetry and music. But if you’re able to combine the best of both worlds to share with the love of your life (or love for right now), you do it! Beautiful lines riddled with tales of love’s power are a surefire way to let your sweetheart know how you really feel. Here are six of our favorite and most poetic songs to take your Valentine’s Day playlist to the next level!

Make You Feel My Love – Adele

Whether you’re a fan of Adele’s remake showing off her soulful, power vocals or the original folksy version by Bob Dylan, Make You Feel My Love is a beautiful tale of love’s endurance. A perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day playlist.

Make You Feel My Love – Bob Dylan (1997)

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My Funny Valentine – Ella Fitzgerald (1957)

Appropriately named for this heartfelt and admittedly quirky holiday, My Funny Valentine is a perfect ballad for the couple that beats to their own drum together. While this song’s been recorded over 1,600 times by 600 artists, my personal favorite version is the 1957 one by Ella Fitzgerald. Though the lines poke a little fun at the object of affection, while the message remains strong and true. Despite our flaws and shortcomings as humans, when true love finds us, it lasts.




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You’re Still The One – Shania Twain (1997)

Would a Valentine’s Day playlist be complete without a timeless hit from the queen of pop country herself, Shania Twain? Absolutely not! You’re Still The One (1997) was a two time Grammy Award-winning hit that helped Twain make it to the top of country and adult contemporary charts. So even if you’re not a country fan, there’s still a chance you’ll fall in love with this song!


Better Together – Jack Johnson (2005)

Life comes with a million and one questions at any given moment. Yet, the answer is always love, according to Better Together by Jack Johnson…and I’d agree with that. Throughout this gentle, rhyme-filled song, Johnson admits that there are so many parts of life that may never make sense. Yet, being next to the one we love always makes the

Photo Credit: Jack Johnson via Pinterest

uncertainty a little sweeter. For the lovers going through transitions together, this is a perfect song to remind you both that home is always together.




You Are In Love (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift (2014)

Okay, obviously we had to include T. Swift. I mean, the word choice, the range of imagery, the powerful metaphors? Simply *chef’s kiss*! While her most popular songs are the ones that put ex’s on blast, we opted for a song describing the simplicity of falling in love. If you’re tiptoeing your way into a new beginning with your lover, you just have to listen!

Dreaming of You – Selena (1995)

For the hopeful romantics away from their sweethearts this Valentine’s Day, Dreaming of You by Selena is a classic explaining the ebbs and flows of distance between hearts. With the dreamiest of voices, sweet Selena shines some light on the nights we spend away from our other halves, hoping to be together in our dreams.