‘On the Plus Side’ by Jenny L Howe Book Review

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Queer Eye meets Love at First Sight with On the Plus Side!

Lots of people dream of being picked for a makeover reality show, but Everly Winters is not one of them. She’s perfectly happy living a perfectly safe life, quiet and never making waves. Being a receptionist is safe, which is why Everly has never pursued a career in the arts. Too risky. It’s why she never engages in any conversation in the forums for On the Plus Side, a plus-size makeover show that Everly never misses. No one cares what she thinks or her thoughts about the popular plus-size makeover . And that is definitely why she thinks that the colleague she is crushing on like crazy is so far out of her league. Too vulnerable too put herself out there.

Everly’s life is turned completely upside down when she learns that she has been nominated – anonymously, of course – to be a contestant on the highly-anticipated new season of On the Plus Side, a popular plus-size makeover show that encourages participants to be themselves and not hide their bodies. Her favorite show. Opting to break out of her comfort zone, Everly decides to take the biggest chance of her life and signs on the dotted line.

And seriously, who nominated Everly for the show?!

The show’s hosts are WAY TOO MUCH, AND Everly is also overwhelmed when she realizes just how much of her life is going to be filmed. But a budding friendship with a curmudgeonly cameraman proves to be a comfort, and for the very first time, she’s not afraid of being noticed.

When another cameraman catches the growing connection between Everly and Doug, the show catapults into a frenzy. Will she err on the side of caution, like always? Or will she be vulnerable with the whole world watching?

I absolutely love Everly as a character. Every woman I know struggles to break out of her routines and “safe zones”, and I love how this inclusive book shows a nuanced adult struggling with timely problems. It was also really refreshing to read a book where a plus-sized character isn’t harming themselves in order to lose weight. Great message and a fun read!

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What Other People Are Saying About On the Plus Side

“A romantic comedy that’s both cozy and empowering.” –  JENNY L. HOWE

“Howe’s characters leap of the page; Everly’s struggles are achingly realistic and it’s easy to understand why Logan’s so smitten with her.” – Publishers Weekly

About the Author – Jenny L HoweJenny L Howe Author Photo

Jenny L. Howe started writing in junior high and never really stopped. She turned her love for books into a career when she pursued a Ph.D. in literature. Where she got to spend the next few years studying medieval romance. She is a professor, a teacher, and a writer, and enjoys cross-stitching, puzzles, and spending time with her rescue dogs!





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