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I’m a sucker for a book cover that screams, “Campy good fun straight ahead,” and Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson delivers. 

Phoebe has returned home to prepare her deceased father’s home for sale. She is writing her doctoral thesis on true crime and spends so much time immersed in tales of murder and mayhem she tends to see intrigue in the most mundane situations. Take her next-door neighbor, Sam, an elementary school music teacher about as un-nefarious as they come. To Phoebe, however, his comings and goings, particularly the time he spends in his garage late at night, indicate “possible serial killer.” 

 The only thing Sam is interested in killing is Phoebe’s reservations about him, and because we are writing to you from Romancelandia, where love always finds a way, you can rest easy that Phoebe’s walls will come down. 

 There’s a sweet secondary plot that rounds out the novel, about Phoebe coming to a place of acceptance about her fractured relationship with her father, bonding with her younger brother, and restoring fractured friendships. 

 For those of you who appreciate a fun fact about an author, Alicia Thompson is a fan of the band Paramore, so much so that she is quoted in a HuffPost piece about them: 

 “Author and self-described superfan Alicia Thompson first heard Paramore’s “Riot!” on a burned CD with a Sharpie-adorned track list scribbled atop it. She tells HuffPost this was a pivotal moment for her as a fan, so much so that she still has the cherished bootleg album and frequently listens to “Riot!” and other Paramore albums on repeat all these years later. In fact, she credits the band as “very instrumental” in establishing her career as a romance novelist, inspiring her to challenge herself to build characters and stories “around passion and yearning and anger and regret, because their songs are so emotional.” 

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Alicia Thompson is a writer, reader, and Paramore superfan. As a teen, she appeared in an episode of 48 Hours in the audience of a local murder trial, where she broke the fourth wall by looking directly into the camera. She currently lives in Florida with her husband and two children.

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