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Seoul Street Art, Sick Lit, Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Poetry: little infinite discoveries this week

little infinite discoveries: Street art in Seoul for monsoon season

Kick off National Poetry Month with this inspiration from around the web.

Water Activated Street Murals Come to Life When it Rains via My Modern Met

Monsoon Art installation: little infinite Discoveries

April showers bring mind-blowing art to the streets of Seoul? Is that the saying? It has been since 2015, when the South Korean monsoon season– three weeks of meteorological doom and gloom– when D&AD and Pantone teamed up to cover the streets in a special paint that stays transparent until it gets hit with water.

Check out the My Modern Met piece and the portfolio collection on the project.

Why Are There So Many Sick Kids in Literature Today? via Refinery 29

We’d be lying if we tried to pretend we hadn’t wondered the same thing. Refinery 29’s take on the “Sick Lit” sub-genre trend is interesting, tracing a path from best-selling books directly to the big screen. From The Fault in our Stars to Everything Everything and now the upcoming Five Feet Apart, the lucrative machine behind this specific narrative of struggle is a money spinner. We want to know: How do you feel about “Sick Lit” genre?

America’s Best Cities for Getting Away with the Girls via Travel & Leisure

We are so ready for a weekend away with our girls. Though we’d love to hop a jet and head to the Bahamas, sometimes it’s more practical to stay closer to home. Cue Travel & Leisure’s amazing list of the best places to head in-country to hang with your best girlfriends.

37 Amazing New Books to Add to Your Spring Reading List via BuzzFeed Books

From Poetry to Short Stories, Spring 2019 books promise to bring you to the edge of your seat. These titles examine themes from the body as an archive (Library of Small Catastrophes) to emotional health and stability (Rabbits for Food) to history and trauma (The Tradition). You don’t want to miss a word. Trust us.

The Changing Light by Lawrence Frelinghetti via

With his 100th birthday fresh behind us, the words of Lawrence Ferlinghetti make us a bit giddy, especially on the first day of National Poetry Month. The words of The Changing Light feel especially poignant as the short, dark days of winter yawn and stretch out into the promise of spring.

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