How Alison Malee Inspires Self-Love In All Of Us

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Alison Malee gets the struggle of healing from life while you continue to live it. Her work rounds some of those sharp, cutting edges.

We could all take a page out of Alison Malee’s book. Malee’s poetry speaks from a place of whimsical romance and self-love. Malee is known for her books Shifting Bone and The Day is Ready for You, in which she shares her lessons on heartaches, healing, and finding herself.


Malee created a tight online community of 148 thousand fans and uses social media to cultivate those relationships. She regularly opens up about adoption, self-discovery, and being hopeful. She shares her hardships to create a safe space for her fans to both give and receive support– with her, and between one another. By exchanging messages and advice with her fans to frequent Q&A’s, she encourages the #instapoet community to heal together, line by line.


Botanical influences and representations permeate her work. She employs succinct language against the iconography, and as you read her words you can’t help but feel a rush of acceptance engulf you. Malee’s poetry has always been about the entire experience of life, the joy and the pain and everything in between. Whether you cozy up with her book, chat with her on Instagram, or both, she sets (and maintains) a high standard for authenticity and community in the contemporary poetry community.

Her most recent piece of work, This is the Journey, comes out April 2 and is available now to preorder. Until then, you can find us melting into her dreamy aesthetic one Instagram post at a time.


Keep up with Malee on Instagram (@alison.malee) or check out her website: Alisonmalee.com.

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