Haiku Contest: Win a Date Night on little infinite

poetry contest for valentine's day
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Submit your best Valentine’s Day Haiku to our poetry contest and you could win a night out on little infinite!

We can’t help it; we love love. Love poems are almost as old as poetry itself. Verses that chronicle the joys and the sorrows of loving another human being speak right to our hearts. Celebrating the connectivity between people is our favorite thing about Valentine’s Day, so we’re hosting a haiku contest in love’s honor.

Whether you, too, love love like us, or find yourself on the angsty end of emotional spectrum, we challenge you to capture what this holiday (and love in general) means to you in a haiku. Pop over to our official contest page and enter, then rally your people to vote for your poem! The poem with the most votes at the end of the contest wins a date night on us– Fandango and Uber gift cards!

Bonus: All the winners will be featured on the little infinite website, and on our official Instagram handle. (What does that look like? We’re glad you asked. Check out our Holiday Haiku Contest winners.)