‘Final Draft’ by Shelley Burbank

Final Draft by Shelley Burbank romantic comedy mystery novel
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Final Draft by Shelley Burbank is both a romantic comedy and an exciting mystery novel. Will Olivia find love or the Copycat Professor?

For fans of Veronica Mars, Final Draft by Shelley Burbank is a romantic comedy/mystery book that will steal your heart.

Olivia’s private investigation business, Lively Investigations, has taken off in the lovely city of Portland, Maine. She lives in a fabulous apartment with gorgeous views overlooking the coast. She’s well-dressed, professional, and ready to help her clients with any issues that they are willing to pay her to investigate.

Her public face is always on point…but her personal life is an absolute disaster. She is desperate for a distraction from her own problems. A graduate writing student named Cooper Tedeschi practically begs her to prove that his professor, one of the country’s best-known novelists, stole his manuscript. Liv dives into the surprisingly competitive (and surprisingly exciting) world of academic writing and learns just what a pervasive issue plagiarism is in that tight-knit community.

Meanwhile, she’s dealing with a manipulative ex-lover who MIGHT be stalking her and trying to avoid a maybe-not-entirely-unwanted romantic entanglement with an enthusiastic cardiologist being foisted upon her by her own socialite mother. Her mother just wants Liv to be happy but can’t just keep herself from getting involved. And when her relationship with her best friend, who is struggling with infertility issues and has had enough of Liv’s drama, starts to fall apart as well, Liv throws herself headfirst into solving the mystery of the Copycat Professor.

The case is heating up, her private life is more confusing by the day, and Liv begins to realize that there is more truth than can be found in black and white! She needs to be the author of her own story.

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final draft romantic comedy mystery novel by Shelley Burbank
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What others are saying about Final Draft:

“Olivia Lively is smart, spirited, independent, and a private detective taking on cases in Portland, Maine. There is much to love about this novel. Olivia is the perfect beach-read detective, who adores good food, fine wine, designer clothes, and handsome men. The plot twists and turns: the reader might think they know whodunnit, but the whys are complicated. Finally, the Portland setting is fully realized in the way Boston is fully realized in the Spenser novels. Shelley Burbank has an eye for the details that make her characters attractive to readers and that paint a perfect backdrop for those characters to act against.” – Anne Britting Oleson, author of the Aventurine Morrow Thrillers and the forthcoming, THE SPRINGS

“Shelley Burbank’s Portland, Maine P.I., Liv Lively, is a memorable character, flawed but self-aware, determined to go her own way and, in Final Draft, a champion of the underdog. I’m looking forward to reading more of Liv’s forays into crime-solving.” – Kaitlyn Dunnett, author of the Liss MacCrimmon Mysteries

“Sassy, stylish Olivia Lively is a private investigator with almost as many skeletons in her closet as her clients. And her debut in this fast-paced page-turner will delight mystery readers the world over.” – Cynthia Dagnal-Myron, author and award-winning Chicago Sun Times journalist

“The author has written a delicious debut-a fine romantic mystery-with a character and story that hold you close. Olivia Lively grew up in a monied family, but choose to be a private investigator rather than a society wife. She’s smart, fearless, funny, a classical music aficionado, and boy does she know how to dress… I so love this character that I long for a book series, a Netflix series, and her fully-stocked closet. Highly recommended for romantic mystery and women’s fiction fans who adore feisty female protagonists.” – Char Jones

About the Author

Shelley Burbank is a mystery writer and journalist who splits her time between Maine and California. She contributes to a variety of publications, including San Diego Woman and True Confessions magazine. For the latest news, follow Shelley on Facebook and Instagram, and visit www.ShelleyBurbank.com.


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