Celebrity Poetry Collections: Lili Reinhart

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Swimming Lessons, a debut collection by Lili Reinhart is well worth a read.

Actress and advocate, Lili Reinhart might be known for her role as Betty Cooper on Riverdale, but there is more to her than acting credits. She can add celebrity poet to her list of accomplishments.

Reinhart’s debut collection, Swimming Lessons, tackles topics of love, heartbreak, anxiety, and depression. While promoting her new book, Reinhart emphasized that a lot of her poems were based on fiction. However, she is a well-known advocate for body positivity and mental health awareness. So, maybe it isn’t all fiction.

Swimming Lessons by Lili Reinhart

Swimming Lessons, by Lili Reinhart

With her trademark honesty and unique perspective, Reinhart’s poems speak to the truth behind the limelight. Exploring young love and heartbreak, her poems say what we’ve all felt at some point. On the other hand, they also say all the things we are afraid to talk about when battling depression and anxiety. Accompanied by striking illustrations, this collection is more than just words on a page. It is the work of a true storyteller.



While some might be skeptical of a celebrity poet, it’s clear that Reinhart isn’t writing for clout. She shares when she is writing, just like any other poet. In interviews, she admitted that she’s been writing for a while and has a few poems about specific people. However, she claims that her ex-boyfriend Cole Sprouse has ever received personalized poetry.



Reinhart’s love poems speak to the heart. They say everything you want to hear when falling in love. Her poems about the eventual heartbreak of love are equally as powerful. Whether these poems fall into what she claims to be “fiction” or not, it’s clear Reinhart has experienced both.

Mental Health


Depression and anxiety aren’t uncommon, but they can be tough topics to talk about openly. Reinhart opened up about her own struggles while promoting her collection. While we all struggle differently, we can find common ground. Reinhart writes about feeling isolated in Hollywood, but her poems speak about how no matter where we are, we can all feel isolated.

Poetic Influence


Which poets inspire Reinhart? Turns out, she reads the same poetry books we do.

Love looks pretty on you - Lang Leav

Love Looks Pretty on You, by Lang Leav

This collection of prose and poetry is a truly breathtaking collection by Lang Leav. As a major influencer in modern poetry, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Leav says so much in so few words. Every page of this book contains wisdom, encouragement, and self-empowerment. Leav has inspired countless people to pick up a pen and just write. This book is no exception. It is a must-have for any poetry lover.

Whether you are a fan of Reinhart’s acting or are learning about her for the first time, Swimming Lessons is a great book for any poetry collection. Full of honesty and heart, it can hold it’s own against the collections of well-established modern poets.

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