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little infinite voices

little infinite Voices is a weekly feature column showcasing new voices in contemporary poetry. Curated by online trends as well as guest editors, discover with us the poets redefining the genre.

Interview with Kerry Ward AKA ‘Tarotbella’

10 minute read

Talking Tarot and More With Tarotbella Get to know Cosmopolitan’s first resident tarot columnist, Kerry Ward. little infinite: Tell us about yourself. Kerry Ward: I am a tarot reader, creator, and columnist and I make my living from selling readings, writing articles / forecasts, and creating decks and books. I started reading tarot over 25 years ago, as an eager teenager who was already obsessed with astrology and star signs. My mum says I was ‘born weird’, and I am a big believer that you often return to the things you loved when you were younger. Passions can be born early. Especially the weird ones! I am Cosmopolitan US and UK’s first resident tarot columnist, and my purpose is always to make tarot easy, accessible, and fun. I am not a gatekeeper. I want everyone to have access to this wonderful life tool- it has changed my life for the better and I know it can do the same for others (providing objective truth, comfort, hope, and wisdom). I am the creator of 3 tarot decks – ‘The Good Karma Tarot’, ‘The Crystal Magic Tarot’ (co-created with my friend @bonearrow_), and ‘Taroscopes’. My next deck ‘The Light In The Dark