‘And They Lived Happily Ever After’ – The Title Says it All

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I like a book with a clear title, like And They Lived Happily Ever After, as it relieves the reviewer of using the phrase ‘spoiler alert.’

Gaia Anders is a bestselling romance novelist with a gift any writer would kill for – her dreams magically write themselves into her manuscript. While she is grateful for this unusual superpower, she keeps it a secret, assuming no one will believe her.

I loved Gaia from page one, which opens as follows:

“You brought a book to a party?”

“Yes,” Gaia said, her spine straightening at her best friend’s indignant tone. “The deal was that I needed to be here. There was nothing in the terms about socializing.”

Now, that is a heroine I can get behind.

Gaia’s BFF Seth has a brother Jacob, who is also at the party. Gaia and Jacob bump into each other while hiding in Seth’s bedroom from the festivities on the other side of the door. Jacob has transformed from a gawky teen into a romance-novel hunk in the years since they last saw each other. 

What makes this more than a sweet friends-reconnecting romance with a dash of magic is that Jacob begins having the same dreams as Gaia, each acting out a role in one of her novels.

It creates a dual narrative about the fantasy elements of a romance – the dream sequences – and the difficult, but always worth it, effort of a real-life love story.

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Praise for And They Lived Happily Ever After

“Beharrie delivers an ambitious story of magic, romance, and healing from past trauma…Anxious Gaia’s difficult background and social awkwardness will endear her to many readers…This quirky paranormal rom-com is sure to find an audience.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Beharrie weaves her best magic when she unpacks the ways the protagonists’ minds and hearts work. Jacob and Gaia’s interactions are consistently compelling, and their internal struggles evoke empathy… Gaia’s relationship with romance novels allows Beharrie to tug at the threads of the genre’s long journey through changing times and doff her hat to its many charms…A sweet reminder of the connections between love and magic.”
–Kirkus Reviews

Author Bio

Therese Beharrie is a South African romance author of several acclaimed novels, including And They Lived Happily Ever After and the One Day to Forever series. She takes pride in writing diverse characters and settings, and her books are often recommended for their heart and banter. She lives in Cape Town with her husband, her inspiration for every hero, and two adorable baby boys. Please follow her on social media or visit her at ThereseBeharrie.com.

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