‘All That Glitters’ by Linda Howard Book Review

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All That Glitters: A Controversial and Cautionary Tale of Love and Abuse

All That Glitters by Linda Howard tells the story of Greek billionaire Nikolas Constantinos and the young widow Jessica Stanton. Despite unpleasant rumors of Jessica’s past, Nikolas cannot resist her beauty and is immediately drawn to her. 

However, as they navigate their adversarial business deal, love begins to blossom and Nikolas realizes he cannot control his passion for Jessica. But with her scandalous past and the potential to ruin his reputation, their love is threatened from the start. 

Linda Howard weaves a tale of romance and intrigue, captivating readers with her signature storytelling and intricate plot twists – and while I can’t say this is my favorite of Linda Howard’s tomes, it’s worth a read if you’re a fan and want to see where she takes this tale. 

As an avid Linda Howard reader myself, I was excited to pick up All That Glitters. As mentioned earlier, the story centers around Greek billionaire Nikolas Constantinos and the young widow Jessica Stanton, who is dubbed The Black Widow by the press due to rumors about her marrying an older man for his wealth.

After reading the book, I have to say I was thoroughly entertained. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because Nikolas came across as a manipulative jerk, but as the story progressed, I found myself deeply invested in their love story. The chemistry between them was electric, and I couldn’t help but root for their happy ending despite all their trials and tribulations. 

Something that really surprised me – in a good way – about this book was the vivid descriptions of the Greek islands. Howard brought the setting to life with such detail that I felt like I was right there with the characters, soaking up the sun and salty ocean air. 

I also appreciated the explosive nature of the relationships between the characters in this book.

There were times when I wanted to shake Jessica for her passivity and constant tears. But she also had moments of fierce strength and determination that made me root for her. Similarly, Nikolas was definitely not your typical alpha male hero, but I loved how he was willing to put his heart on the line for the woman he loved. 

Overall, All That Glitters is a great read for anyone who loves a good love story with a side of drama.

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What Other People Are Saying About All That Glitters

“This story was a roller coaster that’s for sure. I could not put it down, I stayed up really late reading and don’t know what time I actually got to sleep last night. Because I just had to finish. This is one of those books where I get really involved with the characters. I got quite emotional with the characters and had quite a few ups and downs but that’s what makes it a really good read because it takes you on a journey.” -Leanne, Goodreads

“This is vintage Howard that still casts a potent literary spell years after it was first released.” -Diamond Bay, Booklist

`“Steamy romance . . . perfect romantic hero . . . Howard’s writing is compelling.” -Publishers Weekly


About the Author – Linda Howard


Gadsden Times Born in Alabama, Howard discovered her passion for writing at an early age. She spent over two decades writing for her own enjoyment before finally publishing her first book in 1982.

Since then, Howard has been a prolific writer, producing over 50 novels that have sold millions of copies worldwide. Her work has been translated into numerous languages. She has won many awards and accolades from the literary community. Including the coveted Career Achievement Award from the Romance Writers of America. 

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