An Adorable Romance with Baby Goats

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Part of Your World features Alexis, a skilled doctor, who is finally on the other side of a difficult breakup*. On her way to Minneapolis, she crosses paths with Daniel, a sexy small-town mayor, on accident. The connection that develops is unexpected and undeniable. 

This book conquers multiple tropes like big city vs small town, rich vs poor, and old vs young in a convincing story that you won’t soon forget. You will be itching to share this adorable romance pick with all your romance-loving friends so they can share in its charm. 

Other praise for Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez – 

“In a world of romcom tropes, there are very few books with people whose connection is believable from page one, but with a conflict that feels legitimately insurmountable and external to the relationship itself.  

Alexis is a doctor with a family legacy in the big city and an abusive ex who has ruined her sense of self. Daniel lives in a small town and acts as mayor and does everything for the community and very little for himself. Neither of them can ignore their commitments and the obstacles that they face as a couple are organic and real.  

This is Abby Jimenez’s most mature work to date, with real people having a real love story with real stakes.”
Jamie Thomas from Women & Children First Bookstore in Chicago, IL 

 “Alexis Montgomery’s family has cultivated a long line of surgeons over the last 125 years– and her parents are disappointed that she’s merely a skilled doctor in emergency medicine. When she’s with Daniel, the crafty and sincere small town guy with a heart of goats (BABY goats), the weight of the world (and her family legacy) is lifted from her shoulders. Do not be fooled, this is so much more than your average “country/city” personality romance; PART OF YOUR WORLD talks class, community, and surviving various forms of abuse. My heart ached for these characters at times, I was so absorbed in the relationships that Alexis and Daniel have both with each other and with those around them. Beautiful, moving, and most of all romantic.”
Andrew King from Secret Garden Books in Seattle, WA 

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Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez

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*Possible Trigger Warning: Abuse is a topic in the book.

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