A Rupi Kaur Collection to Soothe Every Heart

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Rupi Kaur.

A name that, by now, I’m sure every poetry lover here knows and appreciates.
Today, we celebrate the international, poetic powerhouse’s 30th trip around the sun! A quick glance through any of her three collections will show you just how much the best-selling Poet has to celebrate. From facing depression, sexual trauma, and heartache to finding light, strength and victory, Kaur has always been vulnerable with her readers. And that is exactly what makes her so powerful– her commitment to truth and growth. So let’s celebrate this remarkable, talented woman by revisiting her collections! Each of her books hold entirely different truths and perspectives so we’ve broken down each collection so your heart can receive the words it needs.
Photo credit: Rupi Kaur via Instagram

To feel hopeful…

milk and honey

Kaur’s debut collection carries readers through a whirlwind of emotions. Though she never shies away from the darkness of her past experiences, each page further proves that milk and honey is truly the best way to soothe the sting of past traumas. This is the perfect collection for hearts that need to be reminded they’re not alone on this journey and that the healing will always come!

Photo credit: Rupi Kaur via Instagram

To feel invigorated…

the sun and her flowers

The sun and her flowers describes both loss and the inevitability of growth that comes with it. Oftentimes, heartbreak can sweep us up so swiftly that we forget there’s life after the loss. Notes of encouragement and faith are sprinkled throughout these pages to remind you that you will find love and joy again. With chapters aptly titled wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming, this is the perfect collection for anyone searching for rejuvenation.

To feel whole…

home body

Photo credit: Rupi Kaur via Instagram

Admittedly, this is my favorite collection out of the trio! In her most recent collection, Kaur describes the separation between mind and body that happens after experiencing trauma. Creating a union between the mind and body is an art form that requires constant care and patience. But, as Kaur explains, our lives become the most full when we choose to find a complete, loving home within our own bodies. For every heart that feels isolated or lonely, home body is an amazing companion as you journey to wholeness.



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