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A Letter to Your Love Poetry Contest Winners

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Winter “A Letter to Your Love” Poetry Contest Winners

a letter to your love poetry contest winners little infinite poetry writing contestHey li Squad! Thanks to everyone who entered and shared their heart in our poetry contest – A Letter to Your Love.


Write a letter to your love. Whoever that may be. Tell them everything. Everything you wish you would’ve said. Everything you want to say. Spill your heart in 21 lines or fewer.

Fans voted, and three winners were chosen! Check out the winners’ romantic verse.

1st Place Poetry Contest Winner – Anjali Prajapati

Instagram: @a_n_j_ali

Remember our first meet?
We met on Monday, our eyes hooked.
Tuesday was the day when we gave our casual talks a push.
On Wednesday, we came closer, hugged, let our beats sync.
Thursday was our first kiss;
the passionate one allowing our feelings to sink.
There came Friday when we confessed,
three little words residing forever in our hearts.
You stopped by Saturday night in fright,
heart was burning with rage and in flame I was.
You landed on your knees the moment the clock hit midnight,
can’t explain how seamlessly you had my heart ignite.
Ever since my heart bleeds poetry in the probity of your love & devotion

Would you believe me if I say I feel you in every beat of my pulsation?

a letter to your love first place little infinite poetry writing contest

2nd Place Poetry Contest Winner – Dakota A. Tallman

Instagram: @dakotatallman14


My inability to forget about you
Tortures me but it’s true
The way you speak like your soul’s on fire
Is one of your many traits that I truly admire
Your confidence is mesmerizing
The way you display yourself is inspiring
You live your life with such imagination

It’s one of the many reasons I’m filled with admiration

a letter to your love poetry contest winner second place little infinite poetry writing contest

3rd Place Poetry Contest Winner – Amber Cooke

Instagram: @amber.cooke.8718

 A letter to my love,
I wish I could baptize you in my unconditional love,
So that you may heal from trauma, that wasn’t your burden to carry,
I wish I could offer all my years on this journey of loving me through healing the broken pieces,
So that you never have to go through all the tears and pain and gut wrenching sorrow to heal yourself whole again.
I wish I could give you these eyes so that you have the blessing to see what I see.<br />
I wish you would let me hold your hand through all the good and the bad.
I wish I could do the work for you.
Paint you pictures of a future worth living for,
A struggle worth the hell it puts you through to feel the sunshine on your back when you achieve it.
I wish I could pour all the things I’m grateful for into you, so you can remove the blinders and see all that you have, not all that you need.
I wish I could offer you a home in these arms and you’d take it, often I see you struggle internally but remain physically stronger then most men can bare.
You no longer have to be strong. I got you let it go, pour it into me and I will gladly bleed it out for you.
I wish for you, a morning that’s worth rising for.
I wish for you an eternity of pure joy, laughter and love.
I wish for you a lifetime of memories to tell the family in the future,

And a smile on your face when its time for you to leave this life behind.

a letter to your love poetry contest winner third place little infinite poetry writing contest


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