Haunted Poetry Contest Winners

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Fall “Haunted” Poetry Contest Winners and Finalists

Hey li Squad! Thanks to everyone who entered and got spooky with our “Haunted” poetry contest.


If a ghost were to have a conversation with you, what would they say? What haunts you? Get spooky and spill on grief, heartbreak, loss, and what haunts you in 21 lines or fewer.

Fans voted, and three winners were chosen! Check out the winners’ unique haunting prose.

1st Place Winner – Anjali Prajapati

Instagram: @a_n_j_ali

Flickering lights all night; a shape up on the bed

whispers in every corner; eyes so red

creaks and groans, knocks and moans

not good for your bones as you are alone!


All night you slept motionless as I lay there.

The bed whispers the story of our love affair

the layers peeled away revealing a naked truth

from deep within voices echo the remnants of another doom.


Distant thunder rumbles

her silhouette against an angry sky

her skeleton on my bed while I try to

find her trace in my haunted eyes.


Ever since you were gone

I’ve been held here now for too long

let me go, let me be free

out of the room, out of your reach.

2nd Place Winner – Dakota A. Tallman

Instagram: @dakotatallman14


Every day you lose a little more.

Another piece of your heart broken and thrown on the floor.

You try to pick the pieces up and put them back together.

But no matter what, you’ll carry the scars forever.

It’s easy to let someone in that you thought you loved.

But it’s hard to forget the pain that they brought and left you numb.

Please be careful who you let cause you heartbreak.

Because I don’t know how much more you can take.

3rd Place Winner – Devin Colin Alanis

Instagram: @devin.lol

A letter that was needed, but never received and will continue to haunt this wilting flower.

I’d like to say that I am sorry.

People like me, shouldn’t meet people like you.

We do nothing but cause harm- bring death where there is life.

I’m sorry for all of the times I was ignorant and didn’t realize what I was saying.

Or rather, what I didn’t say.


Piece by piece, I was breaking you; wilting away every last petal on your stem.

You were always right and I always refused to be wrong.

Out of all of the people in the world, you were the one I least intended on hurting.

Although I should never have intended to hurt you at all.

I will never forgive myself for all of the insecurity and heartbreak I caused you.

But even though you were breaking, you were always the glue for everyone else.


You are a constant reminder that there is good left in the world.

You are good- so, so, good.

Too good for this world and people like me who do not deserve such grace.

Here’s to second chances.

Even though I don’t know how you have it in you to continue to give them.

I love you and hope that one day you can forgive me.


A letter that was needed, but never received and will continue to haunt this wilting flower.