3 Out-of-the-Box Alternatives to Traditional Self Care

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Bye Bye Traditional Self Care

Are you feeling a little burnt out from all the ‘bubble bath and Netflix’ type of self-care suggestions? 

Reconnecting with yourself doesn’t have to be a routine – it can be as unique as you are. 

For all of you who are looking to rejuvenate your soul in a less conventional way, here are a few alternative practices that promise to nourish your spirit in ways you never imagined. Radical self-love awaits you.

1. Cosmic Connections: Astrology Meditation

unknown.jpgWhile meditation isn’t exactly novel in the self-care sphere, combining it with astrology offers a fresh take on this ancient practice. Instead of generic mindfulness, astrology meditation tailors the session to you, your star sign, and the current celestial movements, which can help align your personal growth with the universe.

Choose a meditation that resonates with your astrological leanings. Then, set the scene with corresponding crystals or incense. This can provide an enchanting and deeply personal session.

By honoring your astrological self, you invite introspection and align your practice with the ebb and flow of cosmic energy. The result is a meditation that feels tailor-made for your psyche.

2. The Joy of Dance: Ecstatic Dance Parties


If you’ve got a beat in your heart and rhythm in your soul, conventional workouts or mindfulness sessions might fall flat. Enter the world of ecstatic dance – a space where self-expression meets your favorite era’s playlist in a therapeutic whirlwind.

So what does it involve? Quite simply, ecstatic dance only requires a space, some tunes, and a willingness to move your body in whatever way feels good. No choreography, no judgment – just free-form dancing.

Moving your body to the sound of music is a universal language of joy. It releases endorphins, lets out pent-up emotions, and can form a nonverbal dialogue with your deeper self.

3. The Written Word: Journaling with a Twist

unknown_2.jpgJournaling is often recommended as a therapeutic exercise, but for some, it can feel a bit like talking to the void. Injecting a twist into your journaling process can make it more engaging and insightful.

Try incorporating prompts from enneagrams, writing poetry, or chronicling your life from different astrological perspectives.

Shaking up your journaling routine introduces new angles for self-reflection. If you’re stalled on personal growth, a different writing method can provide fresh breakthroughs.

For enneagrams, check out The Sacred Enneagram by Christopher L. Heuertz; for poetry inspiration, The Triggering Town by Richard Hugo is a good starting point. Both approaches will challenge you to think differently about yourself and your life.

In a world that moves a mile a minute with self-care trends, it’s crucial to carve out a moment that reflects who you are at your core. These unconventional practices are like sunbeams through a forest canopy, each one unique and full of wonder. 

Take the leap and explore a self-care practice that resonates with the vibrant, offbeat you. You deserve it.

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