20 Self-Published Poetic Successes

20 Self-Published Poetic Successes

These 20 incredibly talented and ambitious poets self-published their poetry collections and have begun to make a name for themselves. Not everyone cares to become famous, but everyone wants representation for their passions and hardworking! Everyone interested in reading, writing, or performing poetry should take that leap and create their own book. Be the master of your destiny!

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Introducing…The Poetic Whispers for the Soul

A book list we recommend of self-publish poetry collections.

Embark on a profound exploration of the human experience with “Poetic Whispers of the Soul,” a captivating collection of diverse literary works. From introspective poetry to heartfelt prose, these evocative titles weave a tapestry of emotions, dreams, and untold stories. Discover the beauty of unspoken love and the power of self-discovery.

Everything .001 by Grace Gellatly

This book tells story of the changes with friendship and family that come with growing up, her struggle with depression, and of her home and roommates on Hoodview Drive.


Unsent Love Love Letters by R Clift and C Le

There’s someone out there you can’t talk to anymore, but there may be words left unspoken. If you could write a letter to them- that someone you love, have loved, or want to love- what would you say?


To the man I loved too much, and the ones who didn’t love me enough by Gabrielle G. 

Gabrielle G. depicts different love stories from the initial spark to the last heartbreak and writes in verses the heartache we’ve all been through.



Sleeping as Fast as I Can: Poems by Richard Michelson

With the rise of anti-Semitism, extremism, political polarization, mass shootings, the fraying of Black-Jewish-Asian alliances, and the loss of personal connections during the age of Covid, where is God, and how can we find the joy and wonder in our lives?


Hold What Makes You Whole by Marcus Amaker

Hold What Makes You Whole is a 200-page compilation of jazz, Blackness, self care, fatherhood, Star Wars, social justice, music, and memory.



For All the Things I Never Got To Say by Fanta Ballo

A collection of poems that tackles topics ranging from family to love and relationships to social injustices. Fanta uses rhymes and metaphors to talk about deep issues as they pertain to her and her experiences.

Made of Rivers by Emory Hall

Following the unique anatomy of a river, it swells with loss and grief, carries readers through the winding pathways of self-discovery and healing, dances with the sacred waters of transformation and motherhood, and finally merges into a glistening sea of love and triumph.

One Finch Singing by Emily Ransdell

Though richly different, the stories-about family, about our fragile planet, about the ways loss takes its inevitable toll-together relate a single human story.



One More Before Goodbye by R.H. Sin

This is my offering to the heart and soul of the reader: Some warmth for the winter wind, a light that can be held in the palm of your hands






Death: a love letter by Weston Charlesworth

This collection casts a raw, unflinching stare into one man’s personal abyss-a powerful search for purpose in a life torn asunder by tragedy and loss, and an inspiring chronicle of the discovery of self-love.



Little Dancers by Eliana Norton

Little Dancers is a deeply personal yet whimsical poetry collection that illuminates the many forms of heartache through childlike perspectives.




Good Night, Human by C. Maaif

A grown-up bedtime story for anyone having trouble sleeping, feeling anxious, or going through a difficult time.



Night Hag by Amy Baskin

NIGHT HAG speaks of femininity through the eternal mouth of Lilith, the first woman.




Myriad of a Soul by Sydney Gallagher

Thought-provoking, meditative, as well as lighthearted, the poems tell the story of a teen who is struggling to understand herself and her place in a rapidly changing world and society.



Around the Forever Bend by Stephen Drew

We are the only beings on earth who intrinsically wonder about our own end. But is there a way to elicit more elegant, gentle questions? Maybe something finer can be imparted.



How to Identify Yourself with a Wound by KB Brookins

As KB navigates burning issues of love, identity, race, and enforced gender, bearing witness to how intimacy can be a battleground, a declared truce, or an Eden, How to Identify Yourself with a Wound is never less than compelling and absorbing.


Yes, It’s About You by Kelsey Gooden

I could tell you this is a book on healing on breakups on make-ups on first dates and heartaches. I could say, “this is every word I wish I had said and a few I’d give anything to take back.”


Still Waters: Poems by Jewel Gomez

African American, Cabo Verdean/Wampanoag/Ioway all converge in Jewelle Gomez’s exquisite collection of poetry that explores the legacies of family heritage, history, and identity.



You’re Only Crazy If You Answer by B Sonenreich

Inhale grief and exhale gratitude in twenty-three poems that encompass what caring might look like in its many forms.

I’m Rising: Determined, Confident, Powerful by Michelle G. Stradford

This uplifting book is more than a mere collection of poetic musings, it serves as a powerful tool of self-love and personal transformation that belongs on every fierce soul’s bookshelf–or better yet, on their nightstand for their daily dose of inspiration each time they rise.





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