“We’re Poets, Of Course We…”: 14 Things We All Do

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Feel united as a community with the comical yet pretty spot on things we do as poets!

We’re Poets, Of Course We….

We’re Poets! And as a poet, you’re just as unique as your art! Of course, those differences are how we tend to define ourselves. Leaning into what makes us one of a kind is what artists do best and keeps our work as colorful as the world truly is.

Yet there are some traits you just can’t run from.

Sometimes we’re a little sensitive (ok…maybe, very sensitive). Other times we may be shy about our work and loud about our opinions. But every one of us is also capable of updating old perspectives, welcoming change, and making the world a little more glittery. Most importantly, we’re all capable of evoking familiar feelings within our audience and helping them to feel a little less alone in this big world. So, to help us feel a little less alone, let’s shine light on all of the beautiful, tough, and quirky traits we poets all share.

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We’re poets. Of course we add books to our TBR just because the cover made us “feel something”.

We’re poets. Of course we’re going to judge your use of their, there and they’re.

We’re poets. Obviously, we hide the fact that we LOVE love.

We’re poets. Yes, we cringe at our own writing.

We’re poets. Of course we have a quote for everything…And if we don’t, we’ll make one!

We’re poets. But we’ll never tell anyone we are (though we secretly hope they guess).

We’re poets. Of course we’re going to wake up in the middle of the night to write down something that came to us in a dream… even when it doesn’t make sense.

We’re poets. Of course we’re going to overanalyze every word you say.

We’re poets. Yes, we have a pen in every bag.

We’re poets. Romanticizing our lives is what we do best.

Photo Credit: Atticus via PoetrySoup

We’re poets. Yes, we write to process everything.

We’re poets. Of course we’re tired of being asked if we “read that”.

We’re poets. Of course we’re going to write about you.

We’re poets. Of course we believe in sharing our stories.



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