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A Laugh-Out-Loud Romance featuring Sexy Scottish Chefs

2 minute read

romance pick of the week the summer job

If you enjoy wine or Scotland or stories about besties, The Summer Job is for you. It is also for you if you like sexy Scottish chefs, so basically, this novel is for everyone.

Birdy gets herself in a bit of a pickle when her best friend Heather backs out of a summer gig as a sommelier at a resort in Scotland, choosing to jet off to Italy with her boyfriend instead. Birdy agrees to get Heather off the hook for the job. Still, a series of events leads to Birdy taking the job herself, pretending to be Heather, never mind that she knows virtually nothing about wine beyond which ones provide the cheapest buzz. The stakes of this hijinks prove to be higher than Birdy expected; what was supposed to have been a run-down hotel turns out to be a refurbished up and comer, and she never got around to telling her best friend that she’s working her job.

The novel is laugh-out-loud funny, mainly because it’s so relatable. While stealing someone’s identity outright is a place most of us have never gone, the idea of pretending to be savvier or more competent than we are is universal.

Don’t fret; there is also a sweet shocking romance that blooms in this story. Enjoy this read as Lizzie Dent keeps you guessing to the end whether or not there will be a HEA for Jams and Birdy.

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