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This Year’s Top Summer Fling Book Reviews

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2024 Summer Fling Book Reviews – Can’t Miss!


Every season has its charms, but there is something so special and unforgettable about a summertime romance. Two people in a hot, humid bubble, walking along beaches or through meadows or in downtown Manhattan. Caring only about the present season and what magic it holds. A romantic summer fling book might not be so fictional and far off…

If you were lucky enough to be involved in an unforgettable summer romance at some point, you know how transformational that kind of relationship can be when you know there is a finite end date. If you’ve never had the first-hand experience, this list of books will make sure that you don’t miss a stomach-churning, heart-pounding moment of the ride!

Slow burns. Rekindled flames. Young love. Mature love. Romances take an infinite number of shapes, guaranteeing you’ll find one to fit you perfectly!

Which summer fling book will you be cracking open this season?

Every Summer After – Carley Fortune

Percy and Sam are on the ultimate summer romance adventure…but they are not together. And it’s been six years. After years of avoiding the past and turning a blind eye to the future, Percy is finally ready to confront the past decisions that resulted in her lonely present. This lovely story is told over the course of six years and one weekend and explores the choices that mark us forever.

We LOVED this surprisingly deep will-they/won’t-they romance, which was more like a “can-they”/”will-they” romance. And honestly…if it is good enough for Emily Henry, it is good enough for us! Her rave review prompted us to pick this one up, but the engaging story kept us reading.


“Any book that begins with a cocktail and a heartbreak-induced haircut has a strong likelihood of being just the book for me, but Every Summer After outshone even my highest hopes. Fortune’s wit is sharp, her prose is gorgeous, and her characters thrum with the rare kind of life and breath we readers are constantly on the lookout for.” —Emily Henry, #1 New York Times bestselling author of People We Meet on Vacation

“A sweet story about second chances, and how the future we imagine for ourselves is never quite what it turns out to be.” —Jodi Picoult, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Two Ways and Wish You Were Here

“Carley Fortune perfects the nostalgia of young summer love and the choices that change us forever in Every Summer After. This is your next must-read beach-read from an exciting new voice. A total joy to devour!” —Ashley Audrain, New York Times bestselling author of The Push

The Kiss Countdown – by Etta Easton

I’ll admit it. When I read the blurb for this book, I rolled my eyes. I mean, c’mon: an uptight, risk-averse event planner and an ASTRONAUT? I immediately thought the plot of this debut novel felt like a Hallmark-movie-worthy set up. And I was right! AND I LOVED IT!

Amerie hates taking chances, but the end of a relationship and the loss of her apartment leaves her with no choice. She has to bet on herself, putting everything into the start-up that’s been rattling around in her head.

When she runs into her ex and his new squeeze, Amerie can’t bear to let him win. She panics and pretends to be there with a handsome nearby customer. He plays along…for a price.

Vince is an honest-to-goodness astronaut. And his family is too involved in his romantic life. But Amerie can put up with a lot for the sake of her start-up, even if her heart wasn’t ready for his gravitational pull. Can two completely different people find happiness together? Will they shoot for the stars?

If you like your romance on the cerebral side, this book is for you. Excellent character development in this charming debut!


“In Etta Easton’s lovely debut, the struggling Houston event planner has three months before her new fake-boyfriend Vincent leaves the country…for outer space.”—Elle

“Easton takes her time building comfort and trust between the leads, making their love affair feel cozy and grounded, even as the plot around them moves at a fast clip.”—Publishers Weekly

Summer Fridays – Suzanne Rindell

Remember when “going online” meant that no one in your house could use the telephone? The only telephone in the house? It was either connected to a wall or had an antennae so long that there was constant danger. Remember the feeling of seeing a name you recognized in your inbox? This sweet love letter to publishing, to New York, and to a simpler time will have any 90s kids’ heartrate speeding up. Described as ‘“You’ve Got Mail” for a new generation,’ Summer Fridays really is the perfect warm-weather romance.

I was smiling at this book before I even held it in my hand! “Summer Fridays” are a long-observed tradition in the publishing industry, and I had been actively planning my own upcoming Summer Fridays just a few hours before! I loved this behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the oft-mythologized process from the perspective of an editorial assistant. And as a former EA myself, I can say… spot on!

“A nostalgic, heart-pounding coming-of-age tale… Rindell perfectly captures the thrilling, butterfly-inducing feeling of falling in love against a background of sultry summer nights in the bustling city. Heartbreaking and romantic in some parts, downright swoon worthy in others.” —Kirkus (starred review)

“[A] lovely, nostalgia-tinged romance. Readers will be entranced.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Just for Summer – Abby Jimenez

Thanks to a viral Reddit thread, the entire internet knows about Justin’s curse. Every woman that he dates finds her soulmate the SECOND the break up is final. Emma has a very similar problem, and she reaches out via DM to see if he is interested in some teamwork. They’ll date each other, break up, and then BOTH will go on to immediately find their own futures. But what is supposed to be a quick, fun summer fling turns into a lot more when complicated family issues rear their heads for both Emma and Justin. What if they don’t need to break up? What if they’ve found their forevers?

We were not expecting the emotional punch packed by this instant #1 NYT bestseller! What could have easily been a low-key poolside read really overdelivered with a story brimming with real-life complications and real-life consequences.


“An emotional tour de force.” ―Publishers Weekly, starred review

“With a perfect sense of literary aplomb and an abundance of deliciously sharp wit, Jimenez continues on an extraordinary upward trajectory with another gorgeously crafted contemporary romance.”―Booklist, starred review

Same Time Next Summer – Annabel Monaghan

Sam’s future is so bright. She has the perfect career and she and her perfect fiancé are about to tour the perfect wedding venue on Long Island. But when they arrive, Sam’s spidey-sense starts tingling. He’s there. The man who broke her teenaged heart is there somewhere, playing the same song on the same guitar as if no time has passed. Will Sam’s need for control overpower her need for Wyatt?


Aaaaaaaah, lost love is my favorite summertime romance trope. And this one even has the handsome-boy-playing-guitar that so many of us loved when we were 17, but maybe not so much by the time we turned 40. Or maybe still too much by the time we turned 40.


“This one has “Sweet Home Alabama” energy with a Hamptons twist; we binged it in one day.” —The Skimm

“Take the first love butterflies of The Summer I Turned Pretty but fast forward a decade.” —Betches

“A perfect-for-the-beach summer fling book.” —Popsugar

Seven Summers – Paige Toon

When their one-off night of passion ends in a devastating tragedy, Liv and Finn are bound together forever. But his life is thousands of miles away from her home in Cornwall, so the two promise to reunite every year. If they are single, they will spend the summer together.

But after years of this arrangement, Liv crosses paths with another man, and she feels herself drawn to him. Could she have a future where her heart isn’t broken every autumn? Is she equipped to make a choice between the two men that she loves?

I love when you simply cannot see how a book will end! This is a well-paced, sweet story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Who would YOU choose?


“Set against the stunning backdrop of the Cornish coastline, Toon’s atmospheric romance, full of longing, mourning, and growing up, will appeal to fans of slow-burn novels.” – Library Journal

“Paige Toon has spun a deeply layered story of hope and heartache that swept me away. I loved it.” – K.A. Tucker, Internationally bestselling author of The Simple Wild


I’d like to take a moment to remind you that the only way to find true love is to be open to it! Many years ago, a very handsome man approached me poolside on a summer vacation. He dared to sit down, even though I was putting out very strong “I’m READING” vibes. And thank goodness he did, because he just told me that dinner is ready, which makes him even more handsome a decade and a half later. Remember, dear reader, you have to look up from your book occasionally to make sure nothing is passing you by!


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Alissa S.