September Haiku Contest Winners – Got It Going ON.

haiku poetry contest winners
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If you’re new here at little infinite, welcome! Each month we host a poetry contest to celebrate those who write, inspire creativity, and to award as many poets as possible out there!

We switched it up with September’s Contest. This contest was judged by little infinite‘s panel of 5 judges in the poetry and publishing industry. The top 10 finalists poems were opened up to public voting.

These haikus blew the panel away! We have the most talented community and are always trying to discover new writers, just like you. Congratulations to our winners and the top 10 finalists! See the winning haikus below.

First Place – Briana Robinson, @barlenepoetry

Second Place – Alyssa Jensen, @alygogally

Third Place – Michaela Mangrum, @Mangrum.michaela

Honorable mentions from the top 10 finalists:

Anna Fox, @a_rad_fox

She doesn’t recognize me
My city is lost

Amber Witham, @am.exe

In old Montréal
The doves perch on the gallows
There is peace in death

Chloe Leczel, @Chlochlo1499

From under the trees
The rain that falls on your skin
Also falls on mine

Mickey Stokes, @ludgrump

dusk on summer trees
pellucid wing shivering
cicada chorus

Quinn Andrews, @quinnstar10

Such tranquility,
the silence of growing things,
beautiful and still.

Imani Brown, @wetbee

flour milk an egg
a hummed song and a swift stir
nostalgia feeds you

Ana-Lys Brinkmann

“Lucky you’re pretty”
The man insulted my brain
I am capable

Thank you to everyone who entered! We love our li Squad!

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