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Do You Follow Your Head or Your Heart? Meet This Romantic Read

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Truth or Beard

Penny Reid is a darling in the world of romance. Her fans are bonkers for her and now I know why. Reid is a bestselling author and a must-follow on Instagram (25k other people agree, too). Like the author, Truth or Beard is a bucket of fun. 

Jessica James is temporarily back in her hometown of Greenville, Tennessee. A recent college graduate, she’s come home to teach calculus and live on the cheap to pay back her student loans. Once she has accomplished this, Jessica plans to travel the world and never look back. 

Jessica spent her childhood crushing on Beau Winston, one of six brothers she grew up with. Beau is kind and charming, his identical twin brother Duane, serious and brooding. Jessica has little good to say about Duane. 

Because this is a romantic comedy, Jessica will quickly find out that Duane, not Beau, is the one who lights her fire.  This wouldn’t be the worst news ever, except that Duane is committed to his life in Greenville. 

I tend to fall in love with supporting characters, and I fell hard for all six Winston brothers, each of whom is funny and sexy in his own way.  

Truth or Beard is just what you want a romance to be – light, charming, and filled with swoon-worthy moments. Even better news, there are seven more books in the bestselling Winston Brothers series.

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