We Love These Small-Town Romances as much as Hallmark

The Cinderella Deal
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I’m not sure if you’ve heard this before, but the internet is not always a reliable source of information. While I thought I was looking for a holiday-themed romance, I stumbled on Jennifer Crusie’s The Cinderella Deal, which, as it turns out, is not on my intended theme, but she is one of my favorite writers, so I dove in anyway.

The Cinderella Deal features Daisy Flattery, who gave up her teaching career to pursue art. Unfortunately, it’s not going well, which is why she accepts $1,000 to pose as Linc Blaise’s fiancé for 24 hours to help him land a coveted professorship at a private college with old-school values.

Although the whole fake-fiancé plot would usually give me a case of the eye-rolls, it works in Jennifer Cruise’s hands. This charmer of a novel takes us to the small town of Prescott, Ohio, where Linc and Daisy will accidentally fall in love, nudged along by the meddlesome locals. There’s also a homely yet irresistible dog named Jupiter who steals the show. Come for the romance, stay for the mutt.

Small-town-romance is its own sub-genre, and I can’t get enough of it. Check out Beth Labonte’s Automnboro books, Pumpkin Everything, and Maple Crush if you share my affection for love blooming in pumpkin patches and general stores.

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The Cinderella Deal
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