Date Night Ideas Inspired By Your Fave Poet

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Date Nights Inspired By….

There’s no denying that romance speaks in poetry. Getting swept away by decadent lines and wistful stanzas is so common, you almost expect it when diving into new collections. Yet, we fall every time, stumbling into love in familiar and unfamiliar ways. Of course love is the most written about topic. It’s human nature to long for the language that describes the world’s most desired feeling. But the poetry that clicks with you is as personal as the way you love! So, what better way to determine the perfect date night inspired by using your favorite poet as a guide?

From Rupi Kaur and a homemade pizza night to Lucille Clifton and a museum date, we’ve got the perfect date night idea for you and your honey!

Photo Credit: Mary Oliver via Bookshop

Mary Oliver: Hike, Picnic, and 20 Questions

Get close to a new fling or deepen your long-term connection through a trek outdoors! For a reader like you, fresh air brings new insights and perspectives with each breeze. So why not bring a cute hiking partner, snacks, and those questions you’ve been dying to ask along for the ride?

Charles Bukowski: Escape Room

Admit it, you adore the taboo and abnormal parts of life. We don’t blame you! Adventuring into the darkness is a fun way to add a little spice to your life. You’ll appreciate a little adrenaline rush from solving clues and searching through keys in an escape room with your lover. Bonus points if it’s a haunted one!

Rupi Kaur: Homemade Pizza Night

Nothing says “Rupi Kaur” quite like a cozy night in with your fave comfort food. Between her relatable lines and conversational tone, Kaur leads readers to find warmth in the most soulful ways. Much like a home-cooked meal made with the one you love (or maybe just really like). Pizza, like Kaur’s poetry, can be classic or created with an inspired twist! However you choose to indulge, creating alongside a lover is sure to ignite a spark!

Courtney Peppernell: Balloon Dart Painting

Photo Credit: Courtney Peppernell via Instagram

If you’re a sucker for the youthful bravery found between the pages of Courtney Peppernell’s collections, we have three words – balloon dart painting. Wild, we know. But hear us out! In an open space (preferably without carpet), pin as many small paint-filled balloons as you’d like onto a large canvas. Then darts away! Watch you and your date’s creation come to life as paint explodes into new shapes and colors.

Lucille Clifton: Museum Date

Need more of a conversation starter for a first date? No problem! Set a timer for 15 minutes, pick a meeting place in the museum and go your separate ways. Along your individual stroll, take note of the pieces that make you think. Which is the most interesting? What do you think your date would like to see? When the timer is up, head to the meeting spot and compare finds! A great way to discover culture, perspectives, and an even deeper connection.

Photo Credit: Rupi Kaur via Internet



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