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Love and Christmas go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows

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And I thoroughly enjoyed diving into this year’s offering.

I opted for Dear Santa, by tried-and-true holiday romance author Debbie Macomber and The Holiday Swap from the fresh new writing duo Maggie Knox. 

Dear Santa is classic Debbie Macomber – warm, sweet, and maybe a little predictable, but you don’t read Macomber if you’re looking for a surprise. I was entirely charmed by the story of Lindy Carmichael finding friendship and love while home for the holidays. Reading Debbie Macomber is like sitting at the kitchen table catching up with an old friend over coffee. Dear Santa is a hardcover, making it the perfect gift for the romance reader in your life.

The Holiday Swap is a buzzy rom-com about twin sisters Charlie and Cass. Charlie is co-host of a baking show called Sweet & Salty, and Cass runs the family’s bakery in their hometown. When Charlie suffers a head injury that impairs her sense of taste and smell, she proposes to Cass that she come and finish the taping of the show’s holiday special, and in return, Charlie will stand in for Cass in the bakery. But, of course, a twin swap is only fun if it’s a secret, and this covert swap makes for a great page-turner. There are also two dashing men in the story, one a physician’s assistant, the other a firefighter; honestly, you can’t go wrong choosing either one as your book boyfriend.

Dear Santa by Debbie Macomber

The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox

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