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This Sub-Genre is Full Of Tropes & We Love Them

Billionaire Romance
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I love the romance genre because it is entirely unapologetic; if it’s a rip-roaring read, bring on the aliens, the cowboys, or the billionaires. So this week, I decided to explore billionaire romances.

The trope is straightforward; the love interest is a billionaire. Sometimes they are secretly rich, sometimes a philanthropist, almost always tortured. 

Two of the reigning queens of this genre are Ivy Smoak, author of The Hunted series, and Jennifer Probst, writer of the Married to a Billionaire books.

Ivy Smoak’s Hunted series is a boundary pusher; the relationship is between a (secret billionaire) professor and his student. The plot loosely hangs together as a vehicle for sex scenes, and the ending is more of a “stay tuned for book two” than a happy ending. Still, I read every page for the same reason a reality show about the rich and infamous always sucks me in – it’s a peek into a world many of us never get to experience for ourselves. Moreover, it offers the reassurance that the uber-rich are just as hungry as the rest of us for acceptance.

Jennifer Probst’s The Marriage Bargain offers a meatier plot. It features Alexa and Nick, two childhood friends who need a marriage of convenience for different reasons and decide to take the plunge. Alexa owns a bookstore, so obviously, she’s the bomb, and Nick is an architect with more heart for the design than relationships. Even though you can see from a mile away that Nick will fall for Alexa with the speed of a straw house in a windstorm, it’s entertaining to watch it happen. 

Temptation by Ivy Smoak

The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst

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