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Poetry to Celebrate Gemini Season

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Ahhh, Gemini season…

A time for the sign of the playful twins to create, celebrate and explore while encouraging us all to do the same.

Sure, maybe you come off a little chaotic at times. But it’s just because you like to stay stimulated and engaged in your expansion. Only the most curious of conversations will keep you steady, dear Gemini. You move through life twice as quickly as most other signs, thanks to that twin energy. So it’s no wonder Geminis are constantly evolving, moving and teaching all of us a much needed lesson in duality.

By bringing in this same swift-moving, curious and vivacious energy for all of us to experience, Gemini season is here to illuminate areas to grow and enjoy! Switching from the grounded steadiness of Taurus season into the fast-paced flow this air sign activates can feel like a wild ride. So if you’re looking to embrace this Gemini energy in the best ways possible, we have some poetry to help… as always!

Whether you’re looking to lean into Gemini energy’s fierce creativity, curious mind, or ability to celebrate everyday life, we’ve got a poem to match. For our Gemini friends, this collection will feel like a hug from that other twin side of you! And for our non-Gemini friends, may these poems help you tap into your inquisitive and fun-loving nature. After all, there’s a little bit of Gemini in every one of us!

Photo Credit: Art of Yano via Instagram

For Creative Energy

Sonnet 83 by William Shakespeare

YOUR BRAIN IS NOT A PRISON! by Sasha Debevec-McKenney

Errand Upon Which We Came by Stephanie Strickland

A Poem As Long As California by Rick Barot

Photo Credit: Poetry Foundation via site

For Curious Energy

Walking Down Park by Nikki Giovanni

a song in the front yard by Gwendolyn Brooks

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

All the world’s a stage by William Shakespeare

O Me! O Life! by Walt Whitman


For Celebratory Energy

My Triumph by John Greenleaf Whittier

Character of the Happy Warrior by William Wordsworth

The Flower at My Window by Lucian B. Watknis

Dreams by Langston Hughes

A Body’s Universe of Big Bangs by Leslie Contreras Schwartz

Looking for ways to feel the Gemini energy a little more? Here are a few books with poetry to celebrate gemini season season perfectly!

Creative Energy:

The Magic Words: Simple Poetry Prompts That Unlock the Creativity in Everyone by Joseph Fasano

Photo Credit: Joseph Fasano via Twitter

The only way to fully embrace the creative energy flowing within is to create! Pick up your pen and give poetry a try with these clever fill-in-the-blank poetry prompts. We have no doubt your magic will shine as you finally set free the thoughts and feelings that came in with this Gemini season breeze!




Curious Energy:

What I Learned From the Trees by L.E. Bowman

Photo Credit: Button Poetry user via website

For the inquisitive mind, there are endless discoveries and lessons to be learned through nature. A world intertwining and ultimately fueling our own society, though never fully integrating with us, L.E. Bowman leans into the ways nature impacts our human experience. Through themes of belonging, purpose, growth and change, What I Learned from the Trees will provide you with both answers and new questions to keep that curious mind happy.



Celebratory Energy:

Bright Poems for Dark Days: An Anthology for Hope by Julie Sutherland

Photo Credit: Sarah Pyke via website

Craving a little more joyful energy to illuminate these Gemini days? This collection filled with poems by your favorite authors is designed to uplift and refresh your spirits. Dive into Bright Poems for Dark Days and get back to living each day to its fullest!








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