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Our 5 Favorite Poetry Collections of All Time

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Top 5 Poetry Collection Of All Time!

Our passion for poetry at LI is no secret. Truthfully, I’ve lost count of how many collections I’ve fallen in love with over the years. But I find myself reaching for the worn pages and folded corners of five favorites time and time again. That’s the beauty of poetry. Connecting with a collection gives you the gift of new insights, truths and revelations with every re-read.

“Each time you can translate the poem’s meaning differently. You can take a different direction or outlook on it. You can memorize it and use it as a quote later on.”

The timeless reminders these books hold make them my most cherished collections. Here, within these beautifully bound collections, lie prime examples of why I remain passionately in love with poetry. I hope these collections bring you the same support and grace they have given me through the years. Above all, I hope they lead you to discover a few more reasons to romanticize your world with poetry whenever possible! 

The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson, Edited by Thomas H. Johnson

Emily Dickinson is a perfect place to start if you’re looking to dive into classic American literature! Her unconventional style mirrors the complex and hauntingly personal subjects she often wrote on. This 19th century creative genius was never afraid to shy away from the most taboo subjects of the times. Between these 1,775 poems are limitless ways to receive the consolation, vision and artistry Ms. Dickinson intended for you to discover!

Photo: Alexandra Elle via Twitter

Neon Soul: A Collection of Poetry and Prose by Alexandra Elle

My favorite part of Alex Elle’s work is the compassion and vulnerability she offers so freely! Neon Soul shows readers how she was able to reclaim lost parts of her soul over time. Filled with gentle reminders and metaphors that radiate off the pages, Alex Elle encourages us to embrace the beautiful and wounded parts of ourselves so that all of us may exist in the light! Reach for this quick collection anytime you need a pep talk!

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

For poetry beginners or veterans searching for inspiration, this childhood classic holds poetic gold at any age! The freedom and relentless pursuit of play each page holds help this collection remain one of the most loved children’s books of all time. Revisiting these pages as an adult has given me moments of clarity and comfort. Finding deeper insights from the book my eight year old self loved so dearly has been a blessing only poetry could have gifted me.

Photo: Halsey via Instagram

I Would Leave Me if I Could.: A Collection of Poetry by Halsey

Halsey’s potent song lyrics are super-charged with layered metaphors and creative honesty. So when this debut collection was released in 2020, I had high hopes. Yet, every page exceeded expectations! I opened these pages and was immediately met by a human peeling away all falsehoods to bare her soul in the most artful ways possible. If that’s not inspiring enough, Halsey narrates her innermost truths with ease, encouraging you to take that long gaze into the mirror you may have been avoiding. Journeying through each poem feels like a walk through the halls of Halsey’s mind only to find familiar photos lining the walls.

Photo: Upile Chisala via Instagram

A Fire Like You by Upile Chisala

I reach for this collection first when I need a quick therapy session! A Fire Like You is filled with short poems that hit you like quick shots of medicine – a bitter truth going down smoothly and healing the heart one line at a time. Upile Chisala is known for her ability to articulate the raw emotions that come with complex subjects, such as heritage, identity and loss, with ease. My copy is filled with bookmarked corners to make every revelation Chisala has gifted me easily accessible!