New Poetry Releases in 2022

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A new year means new poetry! See what is hitting shelves in early 2022.

With the excitement of wrapping up the holiday season and welcoming in the new year, you may not have had time to look into new poetry collections. A new season means that there are new books hitting shelves and we’re excited to get to know them.

Spanning the late winter and early spring, these poetry collections include a new book by Courtney Peppernell, a handful of debut collections, and new work by Australian poet Tess Guinery. This winter also marks the debut of inaugural poet Amanda Gorman’s first official collection!

Here are a handful of new releases coming soon. Make sure you check them out and don’t forget to pre-order your own from your local bookshop.

Real Phonies and Genuine Fakes, by Nicky Beer

New poetry releases - Real Phonies and Genuine Fakes, by Nicky Beer

What do Marlene Dietrich, Dolly Parton, and Batman have in common? They are all masters of illusion, deception, and subterfuge. Using deceit to achieve a goal is the concept behind Nicky Beer’s latest collection. Where is the line drawn between playful forms of illusion and insidious deception?

This collection discusses what ways people see illusions as truth and when they become problematic. Beer knows that people tend to believe the “truth” that is most convenient, even when it hurts. Using her well-known humor, Beer brings wisdom and tenderness to each of her poems, giving each a duplicity of its own. This collection isn’t a one-time read as each time readers enjoy a poem, they might just find something new.

All Dogs are Good: Poems and Memories, by Courtney Peppernell

New poetry 2022 - All dogs are good by courtney peppernell

While there are countless poetry collections out there that touch on the unique feelings of loss, this collection hits just a little differently. While any loss is tragic, the loss of a four-legged best friend is a loss that just feels different. But if there is a poet who can capture those feelings of grief, it is Courtney Peppernell.

Peppernell’s latest collection is for anyone who has known what it is like to have a constant companion at their side, to feel the brush of a cold nose against their hand, or to find joy in being pulled outside for a walk. This collection pays tribute to the unique and special bond a person shares with their dog. From times of laughter to times of sadness, Peppernell captures the special gifts dogs give their owners during their time on earth.

Call Us What We Carry, by Amanda Gorman

Call Us What We Carry, by Amanda Gorman - new poetry

Amanda Gorman’s first collection has officially changed its name. Formerly called The Hill We Climb and Other Poems, this collection goes far beyond Gorman’s famous inauguration poem. This collection looks at this important moment in time and transforms it into a message of hope. Each page is full of the rhythm and lyrical style Gorman has mastered.

Written during the height of the global pandemic, Gorman helps shine a light on issues that have fallen to the wayside. These poems explore history, identity, language, and erasure. Each poem creates a vivid and honest image for the reader. When put together, the collection creates an intimate collage of the state of our world. Here Gorman shows that she truly is a voice of the future.

Return Flight, by Jennifer Haung

New Poetry Releases - Return Flight, by Jennifer Haung

In her debut collection, Jennifer Haung takes all parts of the past and shows how it can heal both old wounds and new ones. From history to folklore to mythology, Huang’s poetry paints beautiful pictures for her readers to admire. However, what may begin as a tale of a woman slowly shapeshift into a story of a goddess, then again into a description of a place. Memory is more than just a recollection of events, it is an emotion, a touch, a color, and so is history.

Haung’s poems reside in both the cultural mythology and generational history of her Taiwanese, Chinese, and American family, these poems address both personal and generational wounds. What’s more, each poem shows how one might find joy by not leaving the past in the past. After all, the present-day can often be a reflection of the past.

The Moonflower Monologues, by Tess Guinery

The Moonflower Monologues, by Tess Guinery

A beautiful collection of poetry and prose, Tess Guinery is a master of instilling inspiration, stillness, and kindness into her work. She hopes that her second collection of poetry will give readers the initiative to blossom in their own way. Inspired by the Moonflower, this collection encourages readers to bloom “free in the shadows of the night” and stand bright against the dark.

Some of the pieces in this collection are extravagant, while others are sparse of words. However, they are all filled with her unique introspection. Guinery takes readers through an exploration of feminity and strength. She reminds everyone that while it’s nice to speak with sugar, sometimes you have to speak with salt. Like the moonflower avoiding the day to bloom at night, it’s okay to be let things go. Choose what works for you.

All The Flowers Kneeling, by Paul Tran

All The Flowers Kneeling, by Paul Tran - new poetry releases 2022

In his first collection, Paul Tran doesn’t hold anything back. These poems investigate intergenerational trauma, sexual violence, and U.S. imperialism. They ask the reader to understand how these change our understanding of freedom. What does survival look like for those who have suffered at the hands of violence?

Both visceral and astonishing, Tran experiments in a new poetic form. Mirroring the nonlinear emotional and psychological experience of trauma survivors, these poems showcase the process of recovery. Discussing topics of desire, bodies, gender, and imagined futures, Tran allows readers an intimate and vulnerable look into the human capacity for resilience and love. Tran’s commanding voice is a testament to human endurance.

These are only a few of the new poetry collections hitting shelves in 2022. Are there any collections coming out that you are looking forward to? Let us know on social media!

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