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From Posting to Published — Gemma Troy’s Voice is a Gem in the Poetry Community

2 minute read

Gemma Troy is weaving together lovely and poignant poetry with delicate natural elements to create art we’re obsessing over.

Gemma Troy is relatively new to the poetry scene, but don’t let that fool you. She is a powerhouse poet. Troy melts our hearts with her sentimental yet empowering words, and she has been since she started sharing her poems on Instagram in 2017. Soon after, she scored a publishing deal with Andrews McMeel Publishing. Troy now has two published books Heart Lines and Moonlight. The books are a delight, and line after line of her prose pulls you deeper into themes of love, self, and life.

Troy draws her inspiration from a variety of experiences, but her words most often capture everyday emotions. Her poetry reminds us that we’re allowed to have “one of those days” and fall apart, then coax us to grant ourselves grace, get back up, and try again. She teaches us lessons in the release of self-awareness. And she validates us, reminding us that our feelings are real and valid.

It doesn’t surprise us that Troy is one of Australia’s most popular poets on Instagram. Her botanical influenced posts are captivating. Her passion for finding charm in nature stems back to her childhood. Troy spent her adolescence hunting for gold with her father, and has always loved to collect pieces of nature. We see these affinities shine through in her art, with delicate mixed media reinforcing and illustrating her nuanced language.

Keep up with Troy on Instagram (@gemmatroypoetry) or on her website: