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Exploring the Mystical World of Witchy Poems

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Delving Into Magical Realism, Mysterious Hexes, and Enchanting Verses

In the realm of poetry, there exists a magical and enchanting subgenre that dances with the mystical, weaves words into spells, and draws readers into a place of otherworldly wonders. In this article, we’ll explore the subgenre of witchy poems, where verses are imbued with hocus-pocus charm, rhythmic hexes, and a dash of the supernatural.

These poetic incantations evoke the mysteries of the arcane and transport us into the realm of magical realism. Prepare to be spellbound as we explore some of the most enchanting and bewitching verses in this captivating literary tradition.

“The Hour and the Ghost” by Christina Rossetti

O love, love, hold me fast,

He draws me away from thee;

I cannot stem the blast,

Nor the cold strong sea:

Far away a light shines

Beyond the hills and pines;

It is lit for me.

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“Witch-Wife” by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Delving Into witchy poems
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She is neither pink nor pale,

And she never will be all mine;

She learned her hands in a fairy-tale,

And her mouth on a valentine.

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“The White Witch” by James Weldon Johnson

O brothers mine, take care! Take care!

The great white witch rides out to-night.

Trust not your prowess nor your strength,

Your only safety lies in flight;

For in her glance there is a snare,

And in her smile there is a blight.

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“The Witch” by Elizabeth Willis

Are you a Witch? Read this witchy Poem by Elizabeth Willis
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A witch will gaze wistfully at the glitter of a clear night.

A witch may take the form of a cat in order to sneak into a good man’s chamber.

A witch’s breasts will be pointed rather than round, as discovered in the trials of the 1950s.

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“The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December;

And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.

Eagerly I wished the morrow;—vainly I had sought to borrow

From my books surcease of sorrow—sorrow for the lost Lenore—

For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore—

            Nameless here for evermore.

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“To the Dead in the Graveyard Underneath My Window” by Adelaide Crapsey

How can you lie so still? All day I watch

And never a blade of all the green sod moves

To show where restlessly you toss and turn,

And fling a desperate arm or draw up knees

Stiffened and aching from their long disuse;

I watch all night and not one ghost comes forth

To take its freedom of the midnight hour.

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“The Witch” by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

Delving Into witchy poems
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I have walked a great while over the snow,

And I am not tall nor strong.

My clothes are wet, and my teeth are set,

And the way was hard and long.

I have wandered over the fruitful earth,

But I never came here before.

Oh, lift me over the threshold, and let me in at the door.

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“Haunted Houses” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

All houses wherein men have lived and died

Are haunted houses. Through the open doors

The harmless phantoms on their errands glide,

With feet that make no sound upon the floors.

We meet them at the door-way, on the stair,

Along the passages they come and go,

Impalpable impressions on the air,

A sense of something moving to and fro.

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“Dusk in Autumn” by Sara Teasdale

The moon is like a scimitar,

A little silver scimitar,

A-drifting down the sky.

And near beside it is a star,

A timid twinkling golden star,

That watches likes an eye.

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“Incantation” by George Parsons Lathrop

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When the leaves, by thousands thinned,

A thousand times have whirled in the wind,

And the moon, with hollow cheek,

Staring from her hollow height,

Consolation seems to seek

From the dim, reechoing night;

And the fog-streaks dead and white

Lie like ghosts of lost delight

O’er highest earth and lowest sky;

Then, Autumn, work thy witchery!

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Stay enchanted, and may your words always be spellbinding.

As we conclude our journey through the world of witchy poems, we leave you with a reminder that poetry has the power to enchant, bewitch, and transport us to realms beyond our imagination. These verses, with their rhythmic hexes, hocus-pocus sounds, magical realism, and mysterious spookiness, serve as a testament to the enduring allure of the mystical in literature. So, the next time you seek a taste of the enchanting, dive into the world of witchy poems and let the magic of words cast its spell.

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