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Devil Vs. Angel Inspired Writing Prompts

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 There’s one truly universal internal struggle humans face…

The struggle within the conscience – a battle commonly depicted as the feuding devil and angel on our shoulders. At the core of this timeless struggle is the pull humans feel between what is right and wrong, light and dark, good and evil… the devil vs angel on the shoulder. Eventually, we come up against difficult times causing this internal conflict to arise. Then we’re forced us to decide how we’d like to proceed and ultimately, the type of person we want to become. Although the darkness isn’t always pleasant, its existence is needed in order to find the light. The truth is, life requires a balance of opposites for us to find the most fulfilling and gratifying human existence. 

How can one know true love without understanding its absence?
How can we determine what is right without also discovering what is wrong?
Could we recognize morning’s arrival if we have never witnessed nightfall?
Photo Credit: QuoteFancy via website

Put your creative writing skills to the test by diving into these writing prompts designed to peel back your beliefs on the light and darkness we all experience within.

Devil vs. Angel

Create a short story telling a tale of a devil and an angel fighting to win the soul of a human. For an extra challenge, see if you can make the story rhyme.

Inspo: The Devil Was Once An Angel by Mehul Sihra

The Old & The New

Write a poem that narrates the battle between the old self and new self, both fighting for a chance to shine.

Inspo: 4. by bell hooks
Photo Credit: Twitter

The Head & The Heart

Interpret this quote with your own words.

“Sometimes, divine revelation simply means adjusting your brain to hear what your heart already knows.” from Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown

Write a few words on what it means to you and if you believe it to be true? 

Dark & Light

Can you recall a time you had to learn how to honor the darkness within in order to heal and move forward? Begin narrating this experience by evoking all five senses in the most detail possible. 

Inspo: “The world is a beautiful place” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Night & Day

Create a haiku describing the night and another describing the day. Here’s the catch— any form of the words day, night, dark or light can’t be used!

Inspo: Japanese Haiku by Lewis Grandison Alexander

The Sun & The Moon

Do you believe the sun and moon are fierce enemies avoiding each other? Or are you more likely to believe they’re passionate lovers, separated by a cruel fate? Choose your stance and create a poem based on the origin story of their relationship.

Inspo: The Maasai Legend of the Sun and the Moon