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Brown vs. White Noise – Soothing Sounds & Poetry

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Brown vs. White Noise – Soothing Sounds & Poetry


In the fast-paced world we live in, moments of stillness are a sacred necessity. Which is exactly why I love discovering new ways to chill out. ASMR has been the solution. I’ve learned about brown vs white noise and found a pairing with my next love – poetry. 

Whether I’m struggling to fall asleep or just trying to soak up a few minutes of relaxation, one combo always brings instant relief– soothing sounds and reading. We already know there are countless types of poetic genres. But have you done a deep dive into the world of meditative sounds yet? A quick scroll through Spotify (or even TikTok) will reveal all sorts of sounds for you to unwind with.

While relaxing with soothing sounds isn’t groundbreaking, the rising popularity of brown noise, white noise and ASMR is! “What is…all of that”, you might ask. Well each one of them is a specific set of noises designed to relax and soothe. But the creation and effects of each are very different! Ahead, we’ll break down the types of sounds and pair it with a collection to fit the vibe. So cozy up and get ready for the most zen experience yet!

White Noise: light, airy and calming

White noise includes all audible frequencies equally. So, think vacuuming, the hum of air conditioning of fans, TV static– steady background noise.

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

The Space Between Us: Poetry and Prose by Courtney Peppernell and Zack Grey

Where Darkness Meets Light: Poetry Collection by Madison Steele Parkerson

Remember Love: Words for Tender Times by Cleo Wade

Brown Noise: deep, strong and comforting

If you’ find thunderstorms, rain and waterfalls soothing, brown noise is for you! Created with sounds from every octave in the sound spectrum, brown noise tends to sound deeper than white noise because the power behind each frequency decreases with every octave. 

Beautiful Sad Eyes, Weary Waiting for Love by r.h. Sin and Robert M. Drake

The Truth About Magic: Poems by Atticus

Love Looks Pretty on You by Lang Leav

American Primitive by Mary Oliver

ASMR: enjoyable, bright and satiating

Now, ASMR is a whole other field of sound therapy. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response”. Simply put, it’s the satisfying tingling sensation that normally starts at the scalp and moves down the back of the head and the neck. ASMR videos and tracks also have taken on a life of their own! These videos and tracks involve people making satisfying sounds in the most creative ways possible. Whispering, nails gently tapping on the microphone, humming or even playing with glittery goo right by the microphone are all commonly used ASMR tactics. Super calming, satisfying and super addicting! 

Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude by Ross Gay

Unlock Your Storybook Heart by Amanda Lovelace

I Would Leave Me If I Could: A Collection of Poetry by Halsey

Mary Wants to Be A Superwoman by Erica Lewis