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Atticus: Who is The Poet Behind The Mask?

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atticus modern poet, anonymous poet

Atticus is one of contemporary poetry’s most iconic– and evasive– voices.

If you have an Instagram, there is a really good chance you’ve seen the work of Atticus. He’s one of the most famous poets on the social platform sharing his short-form poems. We admire his simplicity, saying so much in just a few lines.

Atticus prefers to keep his identity under wraps, wearing a mask both at readings and on his Instagram profile. Why would such a prolific poet want to hide his identity? Choosing to remain anonymous is a decision he made to benefit his poetry. Staying anonymous motivates Atticus to mute the outside world and write from a place of vulnerability and freedom.

He reaches a broad audience with two published books, Love Her Wild and The Dark Between Stars.Reading his work, fans can’t help but be drawn into the ethos of Atticus. There is a connectivity in his language that makes you feel like you know and understand the man under the mask. What’s in a face, anyway?

To keep up-to-date with atticus follow him on Instagram (@atticuspoetry) or check out his website:

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