We Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Reading Pavana Reddy

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Who can blame us?

Powerhouse poet Pavana Reddy’s verses are full of lessons and questions she has carried around for years. Rangoli, Reddy’s debut collection of poems, was published in 2017. Her pages are filled with feelings of oppression, and with rays of healing peeking through the fractures. We love how Reddy’s words evoke emotion in us; we can’t (and won’t) stop reading.


The inspiration behind Reddy’s Instagram handle MazaDohta is one of her favorite books by Haruki Murakami, IQ84, it is a mix between two terms from the novel. In Japanese, the terms “Maza” and “Dohta” refer to the relationship between the body and mind. When she started sharing her poetry online she replaced her real name with “Mazadohta” when posting. Reddy’s initial shy reservations is relatable and just another reason why we admire her.


Reddy teaches powerful lessons about perseverance. She lost her sister to suicide at a young age and used writing as a way to cope. Reddy reminds us that how we deal with loss in our life is part of what defines us. Her poetry shares her pain from hardships she faced as a young woman wrapped in the armor of empowerment.


Keep up with Reddy on Instagram (@mazadohta) or on her website: pavanareddy.com.

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