Travel Essentials for the Writer

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It’s here – The travel essential for the writer.

It’s more of a club really. And if you haven’t joined already, you should!😆

Happy summer!

Time for ease, warmth, and best of all, travel!

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From stopping by familiar beaches to see loved ones to exploring new lands, the summer months tend to be when we find new ways to expand our horizons. Consequently, that newfound expansion brings refreshing perspectives and re-energized inspiration. Witnessing new ways of living and seeing unfamiliar landscapes reminds us all that there are endless possibilities for our lives. Even revisiting your favorite places with old friends holds an opportunity to create new memories in the most familiar of settings. The hot summer sun affords us limitless opportunities to reignite the fire within us, giving us fuel for new creations. Never miss an opportunity by exploring this list of travel essentials for the writer. 

For writers, finding new sources of inspiration is the best way to keep our work fresh and ever-evolving. What better way to fuel up on new experiences than through travel? You never know when or where you’ll find a person, place or conversation to set off that creative spark of yours! This summer, whether you’re taking your writing on the road intentionally or just have a notebook nearby, we’ve got the perfect list of essentials for you!

Pocket Notebook

Photo Credit: Galen Leather Co. via website

Okay, this goes without saying. Bring a notebook! Here we’ve chosen a journal that comes in different sizes and is personalized. We all know with baggage fees costing nearly the price of a flight these days, you have to pack in the smartest way possible. Shrinking the notebook leaves room for plenty of souvenirs and shopping!

Noise Canceling Earbuds

Photo Credit: Harman Audio via website

Let the daydreaming commence as you stare out of the plane window, listening to Hozier while new scenes and characters flood your mind. That imagination of yours is vivid and vital to your creations. Don’t let a loud crowd or plane engine get in the way of that incredible movie in your mind.

Writing Dice

Photo Credit: Etsy

Aiming to freshen up your writing but don’t know where to start? Dive into a solo free writing sesh or collaborate with a friend and let these writing dice lead you! With ideas for every part of your writing on each die, take a roll and see what story lies ahead. Honestly, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Voice Recorder

Photo Credit: Amazon via website

We know your phone definitely has this feature. But if you’re anything like me, your phone’s nearly dead and you need to save that battery to get back to the hotel. Suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of a conversation you just can’t forget. Your pocket sized voice recorder is here to save the day!

Online Writers Community

Writing often feels so isolating, especially when we’re away from our usual environment. Leaning into an online community can help you find support, inspo, or just that word you can’t quite remember all while traveling! Do a little hunting and research to find the perfect fit for you. It’ll be worth it when you have new friends you can bring on the road with you! It’s a must for the guide in travel essentials for the writer and poet that’s for sure. 


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