‘The Verifiers’ Book Review by Jane Pek

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The Verifiers  has mystery, romance, and dating with modern technology.

It’s a new twist about contemporary love driven from a dating app!

A sleuth novel – The Verified – has a detective looking into applicants on a dating app for those on a quest for love, but the tides turn and she’s needing the investigative work.

The Verifiers by Jane Pek is not a romance in the traditional sense, but it has so much to say about modern love and technology’s hand in it that it belongs in this newsletter. It is also hilarious; any book that makes me ROFL gets a moment in the spotlight.
“The pig should be the Chinese national animal. Every time I let my mother know that I’m coming over, she asks me what I want her to cook. A few years ago, Caroline told me that our mother had never asked her or Charles that question; since then, I’ve always requested my siblings’ favorite dishes. Guilt is the currency that our family traffics in.”
Claudia works for Veracity, a detective agency hired to verify the truths and lies in online dating profiles. Claudia is a “verifier.”; a fact checker for the lovelorn. A fan of detective novels, she is often gleaning her next investigative step by asking herself what Detective Yuan, from her favorite detective series, would do.

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Harper’s Bazaar – Good Morning America – BuzzFeed – USA Today – Electric Lit – Literary Hub – Book Riot – Bustle – CrimeReads – Medium – Alma – Lambda Literary – LGBTQ+ Reads – PopSugar – Publishers Weekly -The Washington Post’s Best Mystery Books of the Year
Your go-to summer read. . . . Really fun and will keep you hooked.”
–Emily Henry, bestselling author of Beach Read

“Jane Pek’s The Verifiers kept me up reading until 1 a.m. last night .”
–Rachel Nussbaum, InStyle

“The world of social media, big tech and internet connectivity provides fertile new ground for humans to deceive, defraud and possibly murder one another…. Well rendered and charming…. Original and intriguing.” The New York Times Book Review

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Jane Pek is originally from Singapore but moved to the states with her family where she pursued an education from Yale. She continued to grow her stack of degrees at NYU and Brooklyn College where she got her Law and MFA degree. She is currently a lawyer at a global investment company in New York City but uses majority of her spare time to write. She has had several successful short fiction stories published which received raved reviews from reviewers at sites such as Literary Hub and more. Some of those short novels appeared in The Brooklyn ReviewWitnessConjunctions, and twice in The Best American Short Stories.

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