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‘The Second Chance Year’ by Melissa Wiesner Book Review

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A Review of “The Second Chance Year” A Captivating Tale of Rediscovery and Romance

In this charming story, brimming with humor and a touch of magic, a woman gets the opportunity to reshape her life and relive one transformative year.

Sadie Thatcher’s life unravels dramatically after losing her job, apartment, and boyfriend in one go, all thanks to her outspokenness. With her life in disarray, a fortune teller presents Sadie with a wish, and she seizes the opportunity to redo her disastrous year. Despite skepticism about magic, she takes a leap of faith, makes her wish, opens her eyes, and finds that nothing has changed. In what might be her most foolish move, she then kisses her brother’s best friend, Jacob. After waking up the next morning, Sadie finds herself in her previous apartment with her ex-boyfriend. Checking the date, she discovers it’s January 1 of the previous year.

As Sadie embarks on her second chance, she starts recognizing overlooked warning signs in her relationship and career. Meanwhile, encounters with Jacob become frequent, and she can’t shake thoughts of their kiss – the one he remains unaware of. Suddenly, Sadie questions whether her only error was wishing for another opportunity.

Embracing Opportunities 

As I delved into The Second Chance Year, I found myself hooked by the story of Sadie Thatcher from the start. The premise immediately grabbed my attention and kept me wanting more as I followed Sadie’s journey of impulsive decisions. The introduction of a fortune teller and the chance for a wish added a whimsical element to the book that I really enjoyed. Melissa Wiesner crafted a balance between magic and reality that made Sadie’s leap of faith feel genuine and relatable. The chemistry between Sadie and Jacob added a layer of complexity to the story, and the unspoken connection between the two of them created an engaging romantic subplot that kept me invested until the very end!

Overall, The Second Chance Year is a heartwarming read that seamlessly weaves together themes of self-discovery, romance, and the magic of new beginnings. Ultimately, the story made me reflect on the concept of second chances and the unforeseen consequences they might bring, making this book a great read from start to finish!

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What Other People Are Saying About The Second Chance Year

“With themes of sexism, bullying, and sexual harassment, this wasn’t a light, easy read, but Sadie was a girl after my own heart, she is a fighter for sure, and I am glad she realizes how special that can be.” – Shelley’s Book Nook

“An unforgettable story full of charm, wit, and just a bit of magic” – JoAnne (Novels Alive

“Once you start reading The Second Chance Year, it’s hard to put down. You’re desperate to know what will happen next, not only to Sadie but to the entire cast of characters that you’re sure to quickly fall head over heels for.” – The Espresso Edition

“I was quickly caught up in this fun, lighthearted story about Sadie, a pastry chef who, after having a very bad year, is given a second chance to do it over. This is a slow burn time leap romance, and I really enjoyed it.” – Kayne Spooner (All About Romance)

About the Author – Melissa Wiesner


Preslaysa WilliamsMelissa Wiesner’s childhood was a canvas of creativity. Her mother encouraged her to experiment with paint, pipe cleaners, assorted fabric scraps, and various craft materials. This early immersion into art laid the foundation for a lifelong journey. Into creativity that eventually led Melissa down a literary path.

Melissa considers herself a night owl. She started writing novels late at night after her family would go to bed early. She writes emotional women’s fiction and romantic comedies. Melissa, who lives with her husband and two children. She splits her time between busy Pittsburgh, PA, and peaceful rural West Virginia.

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