The ‘Most Hated’ by Kara Alloway Book Review

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The Most Hated by Kara Alloway Review

Written by a Real Housewife is perfect for fans of Vanderpump Rules!

For those of us watching at home, it can be difficult to understand why anyone would agree to have their entire lives filmed, edited, and broadcast around the world. It only gets overly viewed and dissected, right? But each of the main characters in Most Hated by Kara Alloway feel different.  The three women are on Talk of the Town. A realty tv show that gives them a reason for putting themselves out there in the most public way possible.
Zoe wants to get ahead. She’s determined to make Talk of the Town the ultimate in must-see TV. As a producer, she has a personal stake in making sure the drama never stops for a moment.
Dahlia is desperate to keep her super-hot NFL husband in her bed, but she’s also desperate for something of her own. There’s more to her than looks, but once the cameras start rolling, even she isn’t sure what that “more” is.
Sabrina had it all. She also lost it all in a very public way. They don’t call her “The Countess of Controversy” for nothing. Her cousin convinces her to join the show to try and turn her life around, also in full view of the public.
It might not be in good taste but Talk of the Town is definitely great entertainment. EVERYONE is talking about them, but not for any of the reasons that any of the three anticipated when they signed up for the show. And when real life starts to blend with “reality” television in some unexpected ways, either Zoe, Dahlia, or Sabrina will be named Most Hated by their audience. Lastly, do any of them deserve it any more than the others? Or less? Don’t miss this spicy, racy, gossipy read!

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View the love for Most Hated by Kara Alloway Review

“Kara Alloway gives readers a rare and unique personal insight into the dark corners of reality television in this highly entertaining, fun, and readable debut novel. Again I become so engrossed with the characters and their storylines, it was like watching a movie. Trust me, you will inhale this book and then rethink everything you thought you knew about reality television.” – ALICIA QUARLES / Entertainment Correspondent, E!The Daily Mail

Real Housewives Review Their Take On The Book

“Kara Alloway is an incredibly talented author. Most Hated had me declining calls and ignoring texts. Alloway creatively portrays the thoughts, feelings, and actions of those involved in reality television production in this brilliant tale of deception and manipulation. Alloway gives readers a behind-the-scenes perspective only a former reality TV participant could convey. A remarkable tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” – KATHY HILTON, Reality Television Star / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
“A hugely heartfelt and hopelessly addictive novel about female friendships. This multi–faceted story has the lives of so-called ‘friends’ are irrevocably interconnected. It will leave you feeling like you have just read about your own life. Most Hated is most definitely a must-read.” – JILL ZARIN Reality Television Cast member / Real Housewives of New York City / Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip
“Deliciously racy, sassy, and gossipy — with sensational plot twists — that left even me, a reality television OG, shocked to the core! Alloway has created a feisty and intoxicating ‘cast’ of characters. Each with their own motivation for wanting to participate in the newest hottest reality show. Most Hated is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the rich and famous with glamorous dinners and fabulous fashion. But it is also a reminder that all that glitters is not always gold.” – VICKI GUNVALSON, Real Housewives of Orange County / Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip
“If you are a Housewives fan then THIS is the book you’ve been waiting for!! Seriously. Hard. To. Put. Down!” – LEEANNE LOCKEN / Real Housewives of Dallas
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About the Author

Kara Alloway graduated from McGill University in Canada and was hired by ALLURE Magazine in Los Angeles, where she worked as the West Coast Editor under its founder Linda Wells. She was praised for her writing style, which shared her own views on fashion and beauty in an investigative, unbiased way. Kara is also the star of Real Housewives of Toronto, as well as a fashion and beauty editor, television and radio host, producer for reality TV, and author. When she’s not writing, she enjoys working out, discussing fashion, and cooking for her family. She loves creating, listening to, and sharing stories.

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