Tea Time Poetry

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We are spillin’ all the tea! 😉🫖

The vibe of your environment is important when reading poetry. Whether it be a sunny park, your own comfy couch or a cafe down the street, the full experience of poetry matters. Let’s find your tea time poetry pairings to match your favorite tea.

Because a cup of your favorite tea will always make reading time a little sweeter! From boba to matcha lemonade (sort of a tea still), we’ve got the poems, you’ve got the tea.  Let’s find the perfect pairing with your spring drink of choice!

Tea Time Poetry Pairing


The airy and ethereal feel of jasmine tea is an ideal match for the dreamy poetry of Lang Leav. This poet writes with potency and gentleness that soothes the soul similarly to the way jasmine petals do. ‘Soul Mates’ (and the rest of Love and Misadventure) is a love letter dancing through the experience of knowing a lover in every lifetime.


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Fun and textured, boba tea prides itself on being both refreshing and entertaining. So naturally, a fun poem will be a perfect companion for it. ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll is a fantastic story of a boy searching for an imaginary creature after, of course, being warned not to. This tale from Through the Looking-Glass, the sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, leads us through this epic battle between the Jabberwocky and the boy illuminated with words that Carroll made up entirely. Work through this fun one as you chew through the fun Boba pearls in your tea!

Matcha Lemonade

Photo Credit: Bob Kosturko via Beacon Broadside

Bold, creative, and slightly confusing, matcha lemonade is an unexpected twist on two traditional favorites. So it’s only right that this drink be paired with James Baldwin. Traditional form coupled with brave subjects leads to a blend sure to make you think. ‘The giver (for Berdis)’ dives into the duality of longing to give and not quite feeling like one can give enough. A confusing duality refreshing to witness and tricky to understand.

English Breakfast

The ever-so obvious choice for classic tea drinkers, true poetry from an Englishman, Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The caffeine from this dark, well-rounded tea will keep you sharp as you navigate your way through ‘The Lady of Shalott’, a three part ballad telling the tale of a cursed woman. Intense, robust and full-bodied, this tale and tea will keep your mind sharp and filled with wonder.


The gentle authenticity of Sarah Kay’s spoken word poetry will leave you feeling passionate and peace-filled, just as the last drop of your hibiscus tea always does. The Type is creative and filled with absolute honesty. This performance will help your open heart feel supported, just as the tenderness of this flower tea settles in your heart space. 



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