Spring Cleaning for the Soul: Reflect

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If you’ve recently been craving a fresh start, you’re not alone! Spring’s arrival also marks the Balinese New Year (Nyepi), Persian New Year (Nowruz), and the astrological new year. So the magic of new beginnings is felt all over the world! 

Personally, the springtime always feels like a second chance to see where I’ve been resisting my spirit’s need for change. Some years call for just a slight shift in mindset. Others require a full overhaul, quitting jobs, changing careers and moving (as I may or may not have just done…again). Either way, every time I clear out what is no longer serving me, more aligned blessings fill their places effortlessly. Whether you’re feeling stuck or are yearning for massive changes, a little soul spring cleaning will help get the ball rolling. 
During our Spring Cleaning for the Soul series, we’ll take full advantage of this momentum by sharing poetry to help you reflect, release, move on and begin again. You are so worthy of a fresh start towards all of the beauty the world has prepared for you. So let’s dive right in!

Time to reflect…

It’s no secret that the best way to move forward is by first understanding where you have been and where you now stand. Ahead, we have three poetry collections, all designed to kickstart your self-reflection. Happy cleaning and happy reading!

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You’ll Come Back to Yourself by Michaela Angemeer

Michaela Angemeer’s You’ll Come Back to Yourself guides readers to peel back the layers of their soul, whether they’re ready to or not. The kindness of her words builds so much intimacy that confessing the truths we’ve been too nervous to admit feels as easy as confiding in a best friend. And if you find yourself longing for more in-depth reflection, check out Angemeer’s You’ll Come Back to Yourself Journal to find prompts to guide you through the process.


Photo Source: @alixklingenberg via Instagram

Secrets and Stars by Alix Klingenberg

Through Secrets and Stars, we’re given the chance to recall how it feels to find, have, lose and leave love. Alix Klingenberg softens the hard truths by weaving in themes of nature and universal beauty. Each page brings her audience a chance to remember that the journey of life and love always come with moments as magical as the same stars it all began under.



self love poetry
Photo Source: @melodygodfred via Instagram

Self Love Poetry by Melody Godfred

“The Self Love Philosopher” herself, Melody Godfred, leads her readers down a path towards better self-understanding in her debut collection, Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers & Feelers. By dedicating poems to both left-brained “thinkers” and right-brained “feelers”, every message finds exactly who it’s meant for! Godfred’s masterful writing inspires every reader to look beyond their flaws and appreciate all that has led them to the wonderfully worthy human they are!


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