Spotify Playlist for National Poetry Month

Spotify Poetry Playlist National Poetry Month

Spotify is one of our favorite places to listen to poetry, and these are some of our favorite poems for National Poetry Month.

Adulting can be really lackluster. Listening to poems while going through the motions, we’ve found, helps us stay dialed into our art in a whole new way. Whether it brings you inspiration, relaxes you, or educates you, this playlist will make daily tasks a little more enjoyable for you. We put together the ultimate poetry playlist for you to sink into this National Poetry Month. From short-form to long-form, and mental health to empowerment, the themes in this playlist cover it all.

If you’ve never listened to poetry, may we humbly suggest you start here? Give it a chance. You might love it. Make your own playlists, keep up with ours, or share with a friend. There’s something magical about making mundane daily tasks a little sweeter through the power of spoken word poetry. Enjoy and prepare to be inspired. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

little infinite’s National Poetry Month Playlist:

If you’re a fan of this playlist, we also have a few other poetry playlists you can check out, here. Happy listening, rockstars.

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