‘Someone Else’s Shoes’ By JoJo Moyes

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Someone Else’s Shoes by JoJo Moyes Book Review

Fans of Freaky Friday and Me Before You

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am such a passionate JoJo Moyes fan that if Someone Else’s Shoes were a cyber-thriller, I would find a way to shoehorn it into the romance newsletter. While the novel is not, in fact, a straightforward romance, the thread of love is strong enough to provide a solid seam. 

Sam Kemp’s job, marriage, and finances are all circling the drain. Her husband, Phil, is out of work and deeply depressed. Sam’s best friend is battling cancer. Her new boss, Simon, is displeased with her every move. 

Nisha’s life is one of privilege, but it comes at a high personal cost. Her husband controls everything, including what she wears and the care of their son. It’s a Faustian bargain she’s willing to make until, without warning, her husband disposes of her like yesterday’s garbage.

Nisha and Sam’s lives would never have intersected if not for the fact that they used the same gym one morning and had Nisha not grabbed the wrong gym bag – Sam’s – on her way out the door.

Nisha’s bag contains a pair of red Christian Louboutin shoes, a far cry from the sensible black pumps in Sam’s bag. Sam, already late for work, is forced to wear the Chrisitan Louboutins to her sales call, teetering on their heels like a newborn foal.

Sam and Nisha will become further entangled as Nisha attempts to get her shoes back. In another author’s hands, the story could have unfolded as barely plausible slapstick, but Moyes uses the hook to peel back each woman’s layers, and send them on a journey of change, friendship, and love.

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What others are saying about Someone Else’s Shoes by Jodi Moyes:

“This is a novel about women of a certain age who suddenly find themselves invisible — to their spouses, to their colleagues, to the world — and find pleasure in being “seen” by each other.”
The New York Times

“Nobody writes women the way Jojo Moyes does–recognizably real and complex and funny and flawed–which is what makes her novels an auto-buy for me.”
–Jodi Picoult, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“A delicious comedy that’s an ode to women and their friendships…Give yourself a treat with the latest from Britain’s queen of women’s fiction.”

“Fortunes collide in this funny, warmly told story….Life-changing, heartwarming hilarity ensues.”
Reader’s Digest

“Charming…Moyes is never short on her trademark clever observations…[her] fans will have a ball.”
–Publishers Weekly

“[ Someone Else’s Shoes] showcases Moyes’ ability to portray emotion and female friendship with themes of love, betrayal, family, and hope. It is action packed and will have readers rooting for Nisha and Sam.”
Booklist, STARRED review

About the Author – JoJo Moyes

Pauline Sara Jo Moyes or better known by her pen name, Jojo Moyes is an award winning romance novelist and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Still Me, Paris for One and Other Stories, After You, The One Plus One, The Girl You Left Behind,  Me Before You and many more! Her books are highly acclaimed and translated into more than forty languages.  Also a screenwriter and journalist, Jojo lives in Essex, England. She used her book writing and screenwriter talent to create the beloved movie, Me Before You, starring Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke. 


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