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The Leading Lady Plan for Romance

You Had Me At Hola
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Before Hispanic Heritage Month wraps, I wanted to bring forward a romance that made a splash when it was released in 2020. NPR declared You Had Me At Hola by Alexis Daria, “A triumph of Latinx joy and feminist agency.” 

Jasmine is a soap opera star recently cast in a bilingual drama with a popular content streaming service. Just before filming, her one-name-only rock-star boyfriend McIntyre spectacularly and publicly dumps her. Jasmine is more irritated by the tacky press in the gossip magazines than she is by his loss. Determined to put everything into the new show, Jasmine creates a Leading Lady Plan, whose key element is to steer clear of relationships. 

Ashton, a beloved telenovela leading-man, is cast opposite Jasmine. Stung after being killed off in his last role, he is equally determined to make this new show a raging success.  

There’s a lot more than a budding relationship between Jasmine and Ashon to root for in this novel, especially Jasmine; she’s down but not out, determined, and the best kind of fearless – scared to death but doing it anyway. She also stress-eats like a boss—my kind of gal. 

If you want to keep hanging out with Jasmine and her family, be sure to check out A Lot Like Adios.   

See here for the complete NPR review by Kamrun Nesa. 

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