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The Debut So Good You’ll Be Rooting for a Spin-off

The Matzah Ball
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In honor of this perfectly fluffy Hanukkah romance, here are eight great things about The Matzah Ball.

  1. Although a beautiful and meaningful celebration, Hanukkah rarely gets its fair share of the holiday romance pie making this a welcome addition to your tbr pile.
  2. This book is such a fun read that even Debbie Macomber, the reigning queen of Christmas romances, endorsed it.
  3. It’s the author’s first novel. Hats off to Jean Meltzer for knocking that matzah ball out of the park.
  4. In addition to being a romance, there’s a terrific best-friend subplot. I hope Mickey gets his own book.
  5. Rachel, our heroine, is a best-selling writer of Christmas romances asked by her publisher to write a Hanukkah romance. There are more laughs from this conundrum than you can shake a shamash at.
  6. Rachel has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Jean Meltzer does an admirable job describing the reality of living with this condition, as well as illuminating the shame that comes along with a disease many believe to be mere laziness. I will never see Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the same way again.
  7. Jacob Greenberg is the best type of leading man; handsome, rich, endearing, and dorky.
  8. Rachel elevates plucky to an art form. You’ll be cheering for her on every page.

May this Hannukah bring you peace, light, and a few good reads.

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The Matzah Ball
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