Maybe Love is Blind is Onto Something…

The Impossible Us
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Do you believe you can fall in love with someone you’ve never met face-to-face? It’s an intriguing idea, as evidenced by the success of the reality show Love Is Blind

The Impossible Us by Sarah Lotz takes this question to another dimension – literally. When Nick, a ghostwriter, fires off an angry email to a client who owes him money, he gets the email address wrong and instead sends his insult-laden missive to Bee, a fashion designer. The two begin a correspondence, which quickly turns into an electrifying connection. Eventually, they decide to meet at a Tube station; this is when the hijinx starts.

Although they both arrive at the appointed destination, they cannot find each other. Both Nick and Bee reference a nearby landmark, but the other can’t see it. Baffled, Nick and Bee begin to compare the red flags in their correspondence; titles of books they both know but have slightly different titles, laws that exist for one but not the other. The only logical, albeit insane, explanation is that they live in parallel universes.

What follows is a ripping good yarn, a romance that keeps the reader guessing to the end whether a happy ending is in store. The Impossible Us is worth the read for the mind-bending plot alone, but it also challenges us to answer many Big Questions: if you could change the future, would you? How significant is the Butterfly effect? What is the place of physical contact in a relationship; can you have a complete love story with someone you will never meet? 

For more about Sarah Lotz, here’s an interview from Nerd Daily, in which she reveals that she did not set out to write a romance, but the story had other plans.

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